How to draw a deer head pencil

Deer – is a noble animal, to draw which was a pleasure. But you need to understand that the construction of its head – no easy task. You need to properly withstand all proportion. In this article, we'll show you how to draw a reindeer head.


How to draw the head deer a beginner artist? You should conquer the complex shape parts. For example, start with polysilicate.
to draw such an image, you first need to do the layout. Moreover, it should be remembered that noble animal horns rather long, so be sure at the top of the sheet should leave a large free space.
to Draw the image going from the center. First, draw the snout of the animal. It will remind drop. Once we outline the nose and the left side of the head withdraws into the shadows. The depicted neck. Planned it two wavy lines. Moreover, the left part of the neck will be longer. To cut the pattern visually looked cuter, draw the wool.
Left part of the neck is immersed in the shadow. To the head pririsovyvat ears, they will be in the form of leaves. They can be from stroke. Antlers to draw the easiest. They look about the same as the branches of a tree. A deer looked aesthetically pleasing, the horns need to give a rounded shape. Dorisovyvaet the right side of the muzzle of the animal, namely, eyes and hair. The left part of the animal will draw a well-honed tool. Strokes represented eyes, planned the hair and create volume in my ears.

Easy silhouette

How to draw the head deer? The easiest way to do this by drawing a silhouette. How to draw? Silhouette deer head start to represent the muzzle. It itself is not visible, but still to build it is necessary to draw a triangle. To him right and left pririsovyvat ears. They have the shape of a leaf.
Now we need to draw the neck. It will draw a rectangle that is expanded and rounded down. Proceed to the image of horns. In form they are similar to a semicircle. You can draw this geometric figure. Should a line to make them less flat and to add to her branch. The last step: paint over the silhouette with a soft pencil.

Sophisticated silhouette

How to draw a deer head? To be exactly the same as in the previous paragraph, only with some changes. For example, to draw a deer is not full face and in profile. As depicted by the snout of the animal. The main role is played here by the horns. Without them, our deer will look like a dog. Rog's best to play in three quarters. And be sure to identify the tubercle of the eye.
Silhouette of a deer head can be supplemented with snowflakes. Because it is a horned animal, many associated with the New year, so you can convey that idea in a drawing. One or two snowflakes can be on the silhouette. This must be done not white paint, but a well-sharpened eraser.

stag Industrial

We've already told you how to draw silhouettes of the head of the noble animal. Now let's complicate the task. Make a silhouette drawing of a deer head with a pencil, and fill it with objects surrounding the man on the street. This is an interesting creative activity develops imagination and helps to better feel the shape.
Draw a silhouette, then you need to break it apart. To separate the ears, horns, nose, neck. The face should be split into two planes: one upper, second – side. Now the interesting. Each part is filled with figures. For example, on the neck, draw the house, which stands on a cobblestone road. Up from there are boards and ladders. On the side of the muzzle, draw the axle and the barrel, and on the top – a pipeline of boards. Horns can consist of cranes, nuts and screws. Generally, there is a flight of imagination can be unlimited.

Realistic drawing

to Represent the noble animal for the beginner it will be difficult. But after a few approaches, the result can be improved.
How to draw a deer head with a pencil? You need to start with layout. The figure fits well in the triangle. In the center, draw a face. It will look like an oval, narrowed down. Just need to portray the nose. It will have the shape of a hyperbola. The nose is also depicted by the oval. Planned eyes. Draw the neck, light touches mapping out the wool. Go to the ears. They will have the shape of ovals, pointed at the top. Immediately depicted to them the volume and hatching stackable wool. Start drawing the horns. First portrayed the little horns that are attached to the head and then large and branchy. Volume they achieve by lightening the top and darkening the bottom. Update items, and our drawing is ready.


not necessary to draw the deer's head completely. The viewer to understand what the animal depicted on the picture, you need to show characteristic features. How to draw a deer head step by step, Yes, and so that the image look like a sketch? There is no need to do the layout, the main thing, competently to build form. The depicted oval – this is the animal's face. The proposed nose-heart and planes of the imaging volume to the cheeks. Emphasize cheekbones and outline the eyes. Definitely need to paint the eyelids. The proposed form of the ears, but they do not draw. And now I have to paint the horn. His share in the plane and draw only basis. Complete the sketch by darkening of the neck.

doesn't echo

Make this pattern very simple, and it looks impressive. Need to paint a cardiogram. The alternating zigzag and straight lines, as depicted by stripes. At its center or slightly to the left need to draw a silhouette of a deer head. Moreover, it is not quite a silhouette, but rather the contour, and the most primitive. Draw the snout of the animal, turned to the left, ears and horns. The neck of the animal will lie down to the cardiogram. The drawing is ready.


These pictures are doing in art universities to make students better acquainted with the form. So if you don't quite understand, what parts of the deer's head, it failed to portray obrabotku.
to Begin your drawing will be with the muzzle. Draw drop, but not rounds it, and as if cut on all sides. The nose is shaped as a square. From it right and left there are two triangle – it's cheeks. The surface of the nose is shaped as a Pentagon. It will depart cheekbones, temporal and frontal troughs. When the head is ready, draw the ears. It will be a rectangle. The volume displayed by the quadrilateral, and the remaining space is divided by three parts. Horns drawn arbitrarily, but also slice them into geometric shapes. It remains to depict the mesh that makes up the body of a deer.