How to draw a Bun

to Diversify leisure can build a simple drawing. To draw figures and landscapes interesting for both children and adults. Don't pass if you think you don't have enough talent. Actually learn to draw everyone can. Just need to be patient and follow the advice of the master. To start, try to portray something very simple, for example, draw a Bun.

Why learn to draw? Where to begin?

Use the drawing obvious. This activity helps to develop fine motor skills, eye and visual memory, creates a sense of colors and shapes, giving you a sense of perspective and proportions.
to learn how to draw beautifully, you need to exercise persistence and patience. Learn the basics of science help step-by-step master-classes from professional artists. Gradually moving from elementary to difficult, you will learn how to draw different objects, humans, animals. When you feel confident, go from step-by-step lessons to drawing from life. This is a very important and mandatory step. From that moment, you will begin to take shape as a real artist. But while you are a new student, let's learn how to gradually draw the Bun. This is a very simple lesson for first graders. You will need: white rough (not glossy) paper, a few pencils of different hardness and soft eraser.

Who is the Gingerbread man

This is a character of children's folk tales. Russian folklore says that a grandmother kneaded dough on sour cream, made a round loaf and fried it in oil. Ready Bun she put on the window to cool, but he got bored, jumped down to the floor and rolled off into the woods. In the forest he met a Bunny first, then wolf, then bear and finally the Fox that ate him.
That is, a bun is bread, round like a ball.

The easiest version of the picture

Offer a simple step by step tutorial "How to draw a Bun" from a professional. For clarity, each step is accompanied by a sketch.
First, draw a circle. Divide it in half horizontally. Draw a vertical line to indicate the rotation of the head (in our case and body) to the right.

At the intersection of lines draw a nose-button, just above the horizontal line round the eyes and directly under them - cheeks in the form of curved lines. Below will draw a laughing mouth. If you did everything correctly, then you have a pretty fabulous sketch of the hero, as in the example below.

Now with the eraser tool gently remove all the extra touches and "relive" the Gingerbread man. To do this, complete the short eyebrows (similar to horizontal drops, tears or commas), pupils and lashes, tongue. Let's see how all these details as the artist has represented.

had a wonderful picture!

let's Complicate the task and learn how to draw a Bun on the stump

First draw on paper "reclining" oval. This is the top of the stump.

Then draw, as in the previous lesson, the circle with two lines - horizontal and vertical. In this embodiment, the Gingerbread man looks forward, so the vertical will be smooth.
On the sides of the oval pull down a curved line, like draw a skirt. For the plausibility of the upper part of the stump will add a rectangle to resemble a piece of wood left from the saw. To make it easy to draw a Bun, look at the example below.

Then it's simple. At the intersection of the lines draw a bulbous nose, horizontal line - the eyes with light spots (glare), a smiling mouth. Detail sketch small items - eyebrows, cheeks. Short strokes draw on the cut hemp rings, which determine the age of a tree. Down huge grass and mushrooms, to make the job more interesting.

Now you know how to draw a Gingerbread man step by step. Agree, the lesson was easy. For next class, choose something more complicated, for example, draw a skeleton. Good luck!