The game is a pantomime for children of interesting ideas and examples

You went into the countryside and think what would occupy the kids? Without the TV they become too active and unruly. In forces of parents to direct the energy in right direction. Invite the children to play in pantomime. For children it will be a new experience and interesting practice.

What is MIME

It is this kind of art when the actor does not use the words, and all the thoughts and feelings expressed by actions. Seems boring? This is not so. If you look at the performance of at least one professional MIME, it becomes clear how it communicates to people your feelings.
First movie, as everyone knows, was black and white and silent. As you can guess, they just played memes. Most of these tapes were comedic. It is understandable to show a funny scene without words is not as difficult as expressing sadness or longing. Pantomime for children today used as educational games. Because it's fun. Children and adults are with them, try to guess the different characters, actions, and emotions.

What kind of MIME are

Kids love games and often demonstrate their talents. Acting skill guys practice most often. It is understandable, because it often comes in handy in everyday life. What are pantomime for children?
  • Dance. Here the children have to dance under any music. But it was a difficult task, you guys should move on a makeshift stage in a certain way. For example, on toes or on heels.
  • the Classic version. In this game the child is given a word, and it needs to show the others, without using sounds.
  • Acrobatic. Here the child has to show your talent as a juggler, a diver or a gymnast. These pantomimes are popular among athletes.
  • Eccentric. The cast of the Comedy of the situation.

at what age kids can show pantomime

you Need to teach a child to play to the audience. Thus, you get clean from Chad unnecessary shyness. And most importantly, showing pantomime, kids train the imagination and fantasy. A thirty-year man seems to easily show how to sweep the floor. Four-year-old can think of on this task for about 10 minutes. Pantomime for children you can think from a very early age, from the age of three. When a child already walks well and speak clearly, it is possible to give light task, for example, to show how he collects toys or walking the dog.

Dance pantomime

This type of entertainment will appeal to active children. There is no need to think much, and it is necessary to perform the job. For example, to show the dance of the little swans, but do not become on socks, to use instead of the heel. You can ask the child to waltz, but to walk on the floor with feet and hands. Such unusual coups will help children to develop imagination, and most importantly, understand that familiar things can always be seen from the other side. What dance job else you can think of the child? You can include the song of the chicken dance backwards and tell the child that he was doing the usual movements in reverse order.

fairy tales

If the family has more than one child or if you came to visit friends with their children, you can play improvised skits. Tale pantomime for children is popular. Parents read fiction, and children draw everything they hear. For these pantomimes are perfect as the well-known children stories and new fables. You can take jobs from a school literature textbook. Thus, to read boring books to kids will be pleased. And most importantly, portraying all that the child hears, he remembers the meaning of the work.


One of the most interesting games for the kids – this Alias. This pantomime for kids, assignments in which invested. What is the version for kids, games for adults? The fact that the task on the card just one and it depicted the picture. That is this game can play even a small child who can't read.
What you need to do? To portray animals, people and objects. For example, you may need to show a cow, lemon, Apple, cook, or puzzles. And in the children's version of all this diversity be transmitted without words and sounds, only gestures and grimaces. In “Alice” can be played with the purchase of the game, and with homemade. Plus the cards to be printed on their own, that they can periodically add to it. After all, if you play in “Alice” often, all tasks can quickly memorize and guess them to be interested.


Examples of pantomime for children can be a demonstration of funny faces. For example, you can play in the depiction of emotions, which appears on the face, after I eat: lemon, pear, strawberries, sugar or sea-buckthorn. But faces can still pose and portraying emotions. For example, a child may exhibit fear, confusion, joy, pain, or inspiration. Of course, in this version of the game is best played with children of preschool or school age. Because at this age the child already should be able to not only recognize your emotions but to be able to handle them.


One of the most simple fun for kids – pantomime. The word thinks is the leader and the child has to show with actions what he said. Older children can learn to play crocodile. But kids are not always able to come up with a job. So adults can control and direct children's thoughts in the right direction. If a child is lost and does not know what to make, you can whisper in his ear, that he remembered what I had for Breakfast. Perhaps it would be difficult to show the oatmeal. But modern kids are sometimes smarter than they think they are parents.
Very fun to play charades in a company where there are adults and children. In this situation, the child is always the loser. Adults because they'll pity him and ask easy words. But the baby will not feel sorry for their parents and relatives.


the pantomime Script for kids can be done from the well-known modified game.
First child draws a task and performs an action, for example, rubs her hands together. Card is deposited in the retreat. The next child draws his card. He needs to repeat the action of the first player - RUB palms and the, hop on one foot. The third should pull the card, and then perform the actions of their comrades, who had already drawn cards. And then another, and sit down 5 times. Thus, the game will continue as long as someone from children will not be able to perform all tasks in order.
you Can play in a snowball and without cards. In this case, the children should just make up jobs, and their neighbours to repeat it. For pupils, this option is acceptable. But children who go to kindergarten, it is better to give the card.

Daily workout

the Game is a pantomime for children takes practice. The child will quickly come up with actions and job, only if he will have such a practice. You must agree, not every day, parents are giving their child. But if not to be lazy and practice with your child this fun game at least 10-15 minutes a day, the results will not keep itself waiting long.

Benefit from MIME

As in all games, from grimaces and crocodile child can endure a lot. His acting skills will improve from time to time. The child will quickly be able to portray any emotion. However, this is not always going to benefit parents. After all, their child may lose touch with reality and sometimes to play too. You need to explain to your child where to apply his acting talents appropriate, and where better to abstain. Because nobody wants to keep the baby suit funny skits in class or in the store.
MIME allow the child to improve memory. After all, playing these games often, I do not want to repeat myself and have to remember how in the last game showed one or another animal. Especially well develop memory tales, children win. Because here practiced the skill to do two things at once. The child has to train the auditory memory. After all, he needs to hear, to understand and to come up with something to show. If there is no time to read fairy tales, you can put the children audiobooks. It will be a good help modern parents.

MIME trained imagination. After all, besides the fact that you need to show some animal, and have yet to figure out how to do it. And really don't want every time to show, for example, a Fox the same way. You have to invent something new. In this game the child can train a skill to quickly deal with difficult situations. With MIME it can turn even the most difficult situations into a joke. Because this skill to defuse the situation is simply indispensable in the difficult everyday circumstances.