English artist Trevor brown (Trevor Brown): biography and works

Once in an interview with Trevor brown said, "Why You so cruel do with young girls in their paintings?". "It's not cruelty! The creativity I call misanthropy!" - here is the answer of the controversial artist, smiling sweetly.

Trevor brown who is he

thereby, this man became so famous? Trevor Brown - the flamboyant artist, originally from England. He prefers to shock the audience with violence, Satanism and child sexuality in his paintings. Despite such a terrible, unusual sight the spectacle, there were also fans of the artist. With regards to the style of the paintings, for the most part, they resemble the traditional features of pop art. However Trevor has combined many pictures in a single style, which was later called baby art.

Entertainment or nightmare

Although the work of Trevor brown is a truly provocative, in fact, that is what it is remarkable. Just horrible things depicted in the paintings of the artist, catch the eye, drawing your gaze and causing some interest. The art of Trevor is a kind of middle Eastern and Western pop cultures. The English artist has managed to extract from these bad combined crops of unusual urban style resulting in bright stimulating blend - catchy sexual fantasies expressed through the Asian school girls.

Biography of Trevor brown

How to begin a creative way extravagant artist? Trevor Brown was born in the capital of England. After graduating from art school, the guy went the traditional route of most modern illustrators - got a job in a small design Studio. For several years the future artist has worked in various advertising agencies and design studios. So Trevor has become a very popular advertising Illustrator of London, being very young. In the late ' 80s, brown was in the ranks of the radical underground organization of artists. Taking up illustrations of a few popular records and albums, the artist Trevor brown has gained the coveted popularity.

Over time, outrageous Illustrator tired a measured and completely calm rhythm of life of the British. The hypocrisy and boredom of English nation become boring to the artist, he was not interested in the culture of this country. So brown became interested in Japanese art and Oriental heritage. In this period, the Illustrator met a musician Masami Akita and joined with him in conversation. Dealing with his new friend, Trevor gradually began to know the field of contemporary experimental music, and it was very fond of him.

Life in Japan

the Interest of Trevor brown to the Japanese culture was growing with each passing day, and in the early 90s, he still managed to escape from boring England and move to the colorful Asian country. There artist very quickly, got regular customers and has even gained popularity among local art lovers. The paintings of Trevor brown's were published in a Japanese art publications, and galleries in the Country of the rising sun has opened up Illustrator its doors.

Only a few years of living in Tokyo, the artist married the famous geisha. His work in the vastness of Japan has been very popular, and the Illustrator has gained relevance. Gradually Trevor really bonded with the musicians involved in experimental work that significantly affected the art of the artist at the time.
Soon, brown began to be published in pornographic magazines, and his constant source of inspiration, the artist chose Japanese girls picture on the paintings of Trevor today terrifies the audience galleries.

Style brown

In his art, the artist Trevor brown combines the main traits of Western and Eastern cultures. He was the founder of a new direction in modern art, which is called baby art. Creating sexual work in the current art, in his paintings of Trevor brown joined pornography, satanic torture, Japanese Schoolgirls, sadomasochism, outlines of pop art, pedophilia, dolls and medical fetishism. For a simple layman this combination certainly seems at least inadequate. However, in the view of Trevor brown of his work present their own view on the girl's sexuality.

Source of inspiration of the artist became Asian school girls, which in Japan praised so far. In fact, among Japanese men there is a whole cult dedicated to Schoolgirls. For some reason there are very young girls become real celebrities together in musical groups, dance groups and theatre troupes. Japanese men capture a variety of spectacle with the participation of girls, such events are always extremely cheery and bright. So Trevor drew his inspiration from cult Japanese Schoolgirls. However, the essence of his works is absolutely not subject to the modest Eastern principles.

Images in the paintings of Trevor

a Generalized way of works by artist Trevor brown can be called a Japanese schoolgirl dressed in a classic plaid skirt, with his hands tied. Or just a naked girl with a Lollipop in his mouth surrounded by all sorts of toys and symbols of the phallus. Almost all his paintings depict some violence, phallic symbols, naked girls and toys. Visually all this chaos does not fit into a single composition, combined some specific theme. Maybe that's why Trevor is credited with the style of pop art.

brown, often accused of pedophilia and the love of everything violent. However, this interest of the Illustrator to their own creativity only grew. The more work Trevor banned, the more he wanted to portray something more hard and intolerable.


to understand the depth of creativity of brown, his illustrations, you must first see. For its quite a rich career in the arts that lasts for more than a decade, the artist has earned a truly iconic status. Oddly enough, his devastating paintings in a large number of adorned various underground publications, books and albums, t-shirts, plates, and even greeting cards. Trevor was engaged in illustrating album covers of popular bands Coil, John Zorn, Deicide, Kayo Dot, Whitehouse, Venetian Snares.
in addition, in the creative Luggage of the artist a lot of banned illustrations by Trevor brown that never saw the light. For example, one such work was the French book called "Alice in the garden of evil," which illustrated brown. This publication has not been approved for sale.

In 2008, brown became involved in a lawsuit protecting its copyrights. The conflict has grown due to the fact that the famous band Crystal Castles decided to use Trevor's illustrations without permission. In the same year, the case was stopped on the basis of the financial agreement between the parties.
At home the art of the artist has caused ambiguous reaction of the English audience and the media. This also influenced the decision of Trevor to leave London and go to Tokyo.
brown is Often compared to the famous mark Ryden which is also preferred to use children's characters and a variety of manifestations of violence, suffering and pain. But the artist similarity with the mark, of course, denies, insisting on their own uniqueness and individuality.

an English artist today

Now the works of brown is considered an integral part of Japanese art. For many years, Trevor is married to a geisha, who strongly supports her husband. He is one of the most active participants in the design of prestigious Japanese pornographic publications. In addition, brown has partnered with popular underground periodicals of Europe and America. However, despite the successful collaboration, the paintings of Trevor brown to this day it is forbidden to bring in many European countries.