How to draw a crane? A simple matter!

Draw – it is simple enough. You can draw something on their own, represent. But sometimes it may be necessary to draw a believable way. Next, we consider how to draw a crane as realistic as possible.

getting started

in order to draw something, you will need paper, eraser, pencils, paints and other tools.

you Can use special software (“Photoshop”, “Paint”, and so on) to draw. Much more interesting to draw with their hands.
to understand how to draw a crane, you need to decide how it will look. To plan its dimensions, to come up with the base, the shape of the valve, thickness, etc.
Usually the basis is the sink to which the faucet is attached with a metal nut or a wall.

How to draw a water faucet

First step – is drawn by the faucet itself. Hold a pencil two parallel lines (if the Foundation sink, the vertical, if the wall – the horizontal). The length of the lines may be different (about twenty centimeters). The contour forms like a pipe.
Next line symmetrically rounded down. There is flowing water.

Next step – drawing of the valve. The mixer can be obnovitelne and twin valve. Definitely need to paint all the nuts and washers, bushing and gaskets that connect the pipe with the valve and the flywheel. These elements are round and display them is not a difficulty.
twin valve faucet is drawn in the same way as odnopestichnyj, only need to finish an additional element, symmetrical to the first.
To the crane looked like a real, you need to realistically draw the flywheel. It is a mechanism by rotating the which water flows from a water pipe.
Flywheel as well can be different: round with branches, bilateral, quadrilateral and so on. To draw the first type, you need to make a circle with multiple branches to the center.
four-sided and bilateral should be made very simply. In the middle of the flywheel is the bulb from which the two or four sides are drawn in small sections.
But, there is a lever mixer. In this case, to draw the valve to the flywheel is not necessary. Using the two curved lines is drawn the lever.
once fully formed the outline of the crane, it is necessary to decorate. Depending on the material, the colors will be different. Plastic faucet need to paint white. And the iron-grey or yellow.
do Not forget about the glare of the lighting. They can emphasize with smears of white paint.
middle of the flywheel is usually painted blue or red ink, which will show at what valve will go cold or hot water accordingly (this applies to twin valve tap).

We looked at how to draw a crane is easy and simple. But sometimes you have to draw with the flowing water. Will consider this option.
How to draw tap water? It is very easy. Already ready to the faucet you need to add drops or a trickle of liquid.
Droplets appear easy: is a semicircle, the two ends of which are connected at the bottom at one point. Stream – drawn vertical lines. The most important thing – a correct coloring. You can choose the blue color (to simulate water) or for realism – black and gray lines (after all, water is transparent).


as you Learn to draw a crane can be used to make other items. Because, as you say, to learn to draw beautifully, you need to go from simple to complex. This will help to understand the color perception of objects, their shape and properties.