How to draw a chef's pencil: popular master class

How to draw a chef's pencil? We present to your attention a popular master class from a professional artist. Following the instructions step by step you will learn how to draw funny chef in the funny hat.

where to start

First of all you need to prepare the workplace. Beginner artist will need these materials and tools:
  • a sheet of white paper, but not smooth (glossy), and slightly rough;
  • the set of pencils of different markings (hardness) - T, M and TM;
  • soft eraser.
Now you have everything you need to draw a chef step by step.

Imagine chef

beginning any figure, it is necessary to understand how the object that you want to portray on paper. In the traditional view, the cook is a fat good-natured man in a white cap and costume. He holds a ladle or a large knife. This introduced him to our artist, just for the originality he put into the hands of a cartoon chef carcass of a rooster!

Step 1. Foundation

How to draw a chef? Beginning with image basics. To do this on a sheet of paper, draw two basic shapes - a big circle and a small one. They should slightly overlap each other. After the inside of the smaller diameter of the circle, draw is proportional to the cross, as in the example below.

Step 2. Face

Right in the center of the cross draw the nose-button, just above the eyes and sides of the head - lugs. On each side of the nose, the buttons will draw badass mustache in the form of a bent up oval, with the tips focus.

Step 3 of lesson "How to draw a chef". The hood and costume

"Put" on the head of the cook-top surround her four circles, overlapping each other, as shown below. "Dress" the large circle in costume, adding at the bottom of each side of the small triangle.

Now with the eraser tool gently remove all the extra lines, as did the artist. You will get the original cover on the head chef and the suit on his body! By the way, the suit resembles a large bell.

Continue the master-class "How to draw a chef". At this point, you should already understand that it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. The main thing is to gradually follow the advice of a professional artist.

Step 4. Hands and feet

believe it or Not, depict the hands and feet of man quickly and easily. First, on each side of the torso, draw the rectangle that ends in a little circle. Second, at the bottom of the torso, add the two squares, and under them - ovals. To make it easier, orientiruites in the example below. It is important to make the arms and legs symmetrical.

eraser Removing all the unnecessary touches, you will get almost ready to cook!

Step 5. The detail drawing

cook looked believable and interesting, need to add some details:
  • hands - fingers;
  • shoes;
  • in the suit - two rows of buttons;
  • neck - kerchief;
  • on the face, wide eyebrows, eyes and whiskers peeking out from under the hood.

Here some nice and very funny chef you will succeed if you do it right!

Step 6, the last. Give the cook something in the hand

the Final stage will be the cock in the hand of our chef. The artist has depicted it very believable. But if you repeat it is difficult, then give your hand a cartoon chef a large spoon or knife. Work is great, too!

Now you know how to draw a cook with a pencil. As you can see, the basic elements in its image are circles, ovals, quadrilaterals, triangles and simple lines.
I Hope that the master class from a professional artist you like and was useful. In this way, step by step adding simple elements, you can draw anything - a bird, house, person, animal, or tree. The main thing - to believe in themselves and not lose the enthusiasm!