Introduction on "How to draw a pepper"

Many people enjoy this interesting as artistic drawing. The children are interested because they learn to explore a new world. Adults – for what can relax. After drawing gives peace of mind. And no matter what it is: a still-life or landscape, portrait or just a free theme.
this article will detail the theme “How to draw pepper”.

Juicy pepper – all joy

What is it? This delicious vegetable. Is sweet and spicy, different colors, different shapes.

[br]to answer the question of how to draw a pepper, you need to decide what type of pepper will be imprinted on the paper.
Sweet peppers can be red, yellow, green, orange, black. The form usually resembles an inflated Turkey. The size is small, and large.
hot pepper also comes in different colors. The form is elongated, with a sharp tip.
Next, consider how to gradually draw the pepper.

chili – it's a miracle decorates any dish

to Draw it with pencils, paints or markers. Need to know what color it will be.
First is the outline of the future vegetable. It needs to be not a direct, but long and curved, with acute tip. If make it straight it will be implausible figure. After all, usually growing in the garden the plant is bent. If on the one hand is the sharp tip, then the other – the green stalk, shaped like a gnome hat.
Next step – prettification ready pepper. Streaks of paint a little darker. From the upper side to add a few dashes of white paint. This is necessary in order to emphasize the supposedly sunlight. Under the pepper needs to make a shadow.

How to draw a bell pepper

in Addition to acute, there is also sweet (Bulgarian) pepper. And sometimes the question arises about how to draw a bell pepper? Nothing complicated about it. You can also use pencils and paint. And you can just make a simple pencil. Even if sweet peppers are not to decorate, and it will remain grey, it is easy to guess what it is. The reason for this – a form that is not similar to the shapes of other vegetables.

get Down to how to draw a pepper with a pencil in stages.
– make the correct contour. First make a square (pepper square shape). Then gradually round off the corners to form the shape of the pepper. Top corners a little wider than the bottom. In the upper part denote the upper base. It is rounded, like a flower. Then made the side vertical bars denoting the slices of pepper. On the top base of the stalk is drawn.
pepper looked the most likely, it is important to precisely form the slices. The picture is almost ready. You can leave not painted. And can be dyed in suitable colors. The final stroke will be drawing oval strokes white paint that is similar to the lighting. Be sure to make the right shade of pepper on the bottom.
Using this example, you can learn how to draw a pepper in the slit. If you have a basic concept of what it looks like pepper, it's not hard.

First you need to draw a “falling” square. Further to form the contour of the peppers (as mentioned above). A thin pencil line is formed by the cut, which will bow the bottom two area and half of the upper base of the pepper. Then you need to draw out the pulp and the middle of the next pepper. Be sure to paint the seeds and the stalk on the top base. The last step-staining in the desired color. Pepper in the context of ready.
Glare from lighting, lactosefree touches with cotton wool or tissue paper will give the pepper a realistic look. To make a pepper darker, apply strokes and lactosefree. To lighten up – eraser.


as you Learn to draw a pepper, you can learn to paint, and other types of vegetables or fruits. To work successfully, you need to know what they look like. Draw the item with words or records can be a difficult task. Therefore, if there is a desire or need, the drawing object must be in front of the eyes. And then everything will turn out beautiful, original and believable.

For young children – this is especially important. Indeed, thanks to drawing, they learn how to look like certain subjects, you begin to understand their basic properties. And for peace of mind painting is the best way.