How to draw the garden: stages of work

One of the classic scenes in the painting is the image of the garden. It may be a landscape sketch, and the background drawing people and animals; the rich colors of spring or summer garden or romantic autumn, a festive and relaxing winter garden. Despite the apparent complexity, to make this picture – it is manageable task even for beginners or children. This article focuses on how to draw a garden step by step.

Choosing equipment

Before you draw a garden, you need to decide on appliances. This article refers to classic materials: pencil, watercolour and paper. First you need to work on the graphical part of the figure, and then to do a color party. If you are closer gouache or acrylic, the proposed sequence of actions can be applied to these types of colors.

Working on a sketch of a tree

the Question of how to draw a garden with a pencil, quite often arises because of the inability to make sketches of the tree. His image seems difficult, because visually it appears to be either too complicated or too simple. In the first case, wood pattern loses its characteristic geometry, the second one looks childish schematically. Meanwhile, the painting of a tree – this is one of the most simple tasks. In order to cope with her work enough to consider a few things.

the Secret of natural geometry

first, the structure of the tree is very simple – the trunk and sitting on it's branches. But not enough to draw only those that are adjacent to the trunk. The image is interesting only when you draw branches of the second, third and fourth level. With each level of branches should be thinner than the previous one, and the end of the branch should be thinner than the base. In addition to the plant looks a natural, the branches should not be located symmetrically relative to the barrel.
Finally, a common mistake is the fear of crossing branches, though the nature of the weave, the crossing give the tree its characteristic appearance. Be sure to consider this when sketching the tree in front of how to draw the garden. To achieve this, first draw the trunk, then the branches adjacent to it, and then – branches of the second level, etc.

the Twists and knots of the branches

second, if you think about how to draw a garden so that I felt the personality of each plant, be sure to use the resource of the complexity of the lines of trunk and branches. They are rarely straight. Each tree species has its own plastic and the movement of the branches. In Apple they are knobby and rounded; honeysuckle – numerous, confusing, and straight; the hawthorn – clear, angular, etc. Look to the garden trees. To observe the contours of the branches is very interesting, and their sketch – a beautiful lesson on the chart. If you draw a conventional tree, give the branches a form and mood which I think is necessary.

tree Form

Finally, equally important is the shape of the tree. So she failed the conditional, we first need to outline the silhouette of the future of wood – he is also at everyone, especially at the garden representatives. The old models are significantly different from the young. Apple trees grow with age, Rowan is trending up. The young tree more correct and more symmetrical shape than the old, and the latter, especially Apple trees, are extremely asymmetrical. It is especially important to learn to develop the graphical part of the work, if you want to draw a Conservatory or garden early in the spring or in the late fall. In these times of the year the branches are obscured by foliage, and the accent pattern will be on the chart.

the picture of the garden with pencil

How to draw a garden so that not only the trees but their location was a natural? Here, much depends on what kind of garden you draw. If it is well maintained and fertile, it is possible to emphasize the symmetric, scheduled landing. Perspective point of view, you can choose this when you see the ranks of the fit, emphasizing the man-made. If you are running close to the romance of the old garden, on the contrary, should eliminate any symmetry and repeatability, an affectation at all.
Main thing to consider before you draw a garden with trees, this is the sequence of work. The main mistake is the successive study of each plant. Writers instinctively “push” the trees from each other, and the image is unnatural. To achieve natural, first mark the location of trunks, then draw the future silhouettes of the trees, and only then proceed to study each tree.
trees will necessarily obstruct each other, their branches can cross. It will give your picture a special sparkle.
If you resetet garden with fruits, they also need to draw before you start drawing crowns. Many fruits are then partly covered with foliage.

Stages of working with color

Wondering about how to draw a garden, many people are interested in exactly what you need to do to the trees did not look “colored” as children's work. The secret here is also quite simple. The crown – it's not a solid stain. It consists of numerous fragments of light and shadow spots, as the leaves, while the light, throw shadows on each other.

not to draw each leaf separately – it would be too difficult a task, you need to follow the traditional sequence of actions.
at First, work a light tone. They can play so that the shades on the Sunny side differed from the shadow. Then use darker colors. And only after that you can work with shaded fragments. If you work with opaque colors, in the end, it is possible to go back to lighter tones and cause glare.
do Not forget that the foliage overlaps the branches and fruit, but their parts will make your drawing not only aesthetics, but a special style of workmanship. That is why it is important to develop a graphic pattern of each tree before you start working with color.

When drawing a winter garden a good solution would be to graphic to run in white chalk on a tinted blue or blue paper. If you draw an autumn garden with falling leaves, don't forget that this time of year we look into paradisei the crown, separate the leaves – some of them can draw. In the spring, especially in the flowering period, keenly felt the contrast between light and shadow, it underscores will give your figure the sunshine. Do not forget about the color of the sky - he is special in every season.