The solution to the puzzles, how to draw an envelope without lifting a hand

today's children is difficult to captivate. They love to watch cartoons and play computer games. But smart parents are always able to interest their child. For example, they can offer him to find a way to draw an envelope without lifting a hand. Some of the tricks to this job read below.

Warm up

Before you begin to torment the child logic tasks need to undergo the preparatory work. Why is it necessary? The child is not cheated when you start to wrestle with the question of how to draw an envelope without lifting a hand. Most interesting in this task that the line should go from point to point continuously.
What kind of jobs can offer a child as a starter? Of course, first it has to be eight. Drawing this figure, and relieves stress and clears the brain, and trains. In General, useful exercise. Then you can move on to drawing curves. These can be curls, or any other squiggles, as long as in the process of drawing the child could not take a pencil and painted it all one smooth line.

How to draw hooded jacket

Many parents have spent more than one hour before offering a job to a child. You can try it too. But we'll have to disappoint you - to perform this job, a little disingenuous, it is simply impossible. So talk the way that will help you and your child a little bit to go beyond conventional logic to understand how to draw a sealed envelope without lifting a hand.
Take a sheet of paper and bend it the edge. Bent it back. Now our task is to draw the upper edge of the closed envelope just on the line of the bend. To make it easier to understand on the dot at the ends of the rectangle. Number them, starting with the top left corner. Here will be the numeral one and continue clockwise. From figures 4-to-1 draw the line, now join 1 with 2, and now draw the diagonal to 4. From 4 to 3 lead on a straight line and then another diagonal to 1.
Now on to the fun part. Folded around the edge of our sheet and picture the zigzag, which forms the top of our envelope. It will be held from 1 to 2. It remains to combine 2 and 3 by a straight line - and the puzzle is solved. Bent portion of the sheet ago. The mystery of how to draw an envelope without lifting a hand, can offer not only to children but also to friends or colleagues.

How to draw an open envelope

Those who carefully read the previous paragraph and the description created your drawing, understand how to answer the question posed above. After solving the puzzles, how to draw an open envelope without lifting a hand, be the same written in the previous paragraph. Only here do not have to bend and bend parts of the sheet. The entire image will be done in one line according to the same scheme.
But if you don't want to repeat, then, we offer another way, which will lead to the same result. How to draw an envelope without lifting your hands is the second way? To start draw again points the rectangle and re-numbering as in the previous paragraph. From figures 2 to 4 are diagonal, from 2 to 3 is a straight line, and from 3 to 1 is again diagonal. Next you need to draw the area. From 1 to 2, draw a zigzag, which indicates the top of the envelope. From 2 back to 1 by a straight line and complete our construction, alternately swiping straight from 1 to 4 and from 4 to 3.

Why you need such puzzles

These logic puzzles need to perform not only for children but also for adults. Thanks to them, the human brain is strained and begins to work. If you teach yourself to perform the same task every day, after a month, you will notice that in critical situations the solution is generated faster and effort to it takes less. Students especially useful to explore the puzzles in logic. Thus they train creativity and learn innovative approaches to standard issues.