How to draw taiga with kids?

For starters, you need to define the forest and how it looks. Not having a clue what it is impossible to draw it.
Taiga – dense forest, dominated by coniferous trees, lots of moss and swamps. Often associated with bears, a lynx, various kinds of berries and mushrooms. Next, let us consider how to draw the taiga most likely.

alluring Beautiful taiga forest

Nature – is incomparable source, calling to the creative impulse, is the wealth of colors and variety of shapes and silhouettes. To capture it on paper or canvas, you must have imagination and all-encompassing love to her.
you Can use pencils or paints. The most important thing-correctly to pick up color and character of nature at some point. Indeed, depending on the time of year it is different.
Taiga – is a special case. Rich in vegetation and animals, she is beautiful at any time of the year.

Taiga figure

the First step is to make the contours of future trees. Some do fine, some – thicker. Next you need to draw bushes and grass. They are diverse. It is important to present the correct shape and size. What will be in the foreground should be larger than what is on the back.
you Can draw a stream from which drinking water bear or a Fox.
taiga forest is very dense, so the trees must be in sufficient quantity. Especially a lot of trees, pines and other conifers. Usually they color darker than deciduous. Therefore, the prettification is necessary to pay special attention.
Squirrel with a mushroom in hand will give the picture a fairy-tale, the bear – danger, and people around the campfire-tourist attitude.
Some parts of the future drawing you need to leave UN-shaded. This will give a realistic figure. To achieve this will help of an ordinary eraser.


as you Learn to draw a forest, you can draw other types of forest. Capturing nature on canvas is the landscape. Staring at him, you can plunge head first into the feeling that was the artist during the painting.

When creating a painting is very important to choose the right paper and paint. Poorly chosen materials can not only convey the nature of the figure, but to destroy it.
to Draw the taiga and mixed forest together with the children, it will help them to understand the trees, animals, vegetation. The kids love to draw, more kind and cheerful. After all, they have a sense of beauty.