How to draw a Prairie dog: detailed description

to Create on paper their original creations loved by many. Especially small children. That only they can figure out if you give them pencils and paint! This is not surprising. Because with the help of drawings, they learn not yet very familiar world. Especially little kids like to draw different animals. In this article you will read about how to draw a gopher.

Gopher – cute animal

ground Squirrel belongs to the family of rodents. It is often found in nature: on the field, in the woods. Little funny animals crazy like the kids, reminds them of a toy.

to Draw it and pencils, and paints. The main thing - correctly to pick up color. Otherwise, instead of a gopher may be a different animal. In the cartoon version, you can do as you like. But to get a more believable animal, consider how to draw a Prairie dog step by step.
First sketch is extruded forward of the muzzle. Nose a button of black color, and a small mouth.
Next you need to draw eyes and ears. They are too small. Head oval, elongated.
Trunk is also oval, about three times more than the head. The front legs of the gopher a little shorter than the rear. With its long sharp nails, they can easily hold “hands” seeds.
When drawing a Prairie dog it is necessary not to forget that he has large pouches in the cheeks. He collects his supplies. Bags can be drawn using a circle.

And of course, what kind of animal without a tail? It can be ordinary and fluffy. Length varies according to desire.
Colour of this animal from beige to brown.


as you Learn to draw a gopher, you can do drawings and other animals. For example, there are rodents that look similar to gophers. They only differ in color, size or shape of the tail. It's hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, and so on.
Classes for children in drawing will allow them to further explore the world, to study the habits of animals. Moreover, fond of drawing children grow up kind and compassionate.