First mpressions about this website!

Hello everyone. Hopefully you're having a GREAT DAY on this website! <3 I was first invited here from a Private Message (Note) on Deviantart to come and join!
From my curiosity, I went over and made an account. From my first view I thought the layout was very nice and inviting and I soon was quick to learn and was posting my drawings very soon! It's easy to learn where everything is and it's not too intimidating to the normal person. uwu 
The dark color is very calming and easy on the eyes. Nothing too BLAM in your face but nothing too plain and boring that it'll put you to death and drive you away. I do wish though that they would add an option of different colors to accessorize and personalize your personal layout so it'll make it feel more at home. 
I also noticed that some of the words and text were in Russian when i first arrived. (Like my location of where I lived and some of the setting titles, also when i'm making this article, the header, the description and the content of it was also in Russian. Luckily I have a translator to help me with that.) I'm not sure if i missed anything with the language setting but that was just what I noticed when making my profile. 
So far the community and the atmosphere of this whole place is extremely friendly and I happened to find some friends here from Deviantart! Hopefully it continues on like this throughout the progression and development of this website. 
I would like to point out though one complaint, the notifications are nice and handy and very on the point when I receive them. I was confused at first at what it meant by "Username has Assessed your post!" I thought they have commented but actually it was the website's way of saying someone has "Liked" or "Favorited" your post. It was a tad odd at first and gave me slight confusion. I also would like to point out something that bugs me with the notifications. When someone has "Assessed" my post and even though i'm super appreciate of such,  I have to click on them every time to make them go away and that takes me back to my post. which I find, to be very tedious and a slight bit annoying, but you sort of get used to it. uwu" 
The website itself is a little bit slower than some other art sharing website but it's decent enough to not drive someone insane with how slow it is. (Or it might just be my computer freaking out hehe ^^') 
Well that seems to be all I have to say about this website. I am sure to keep using it and to tell my friends all about it! Keep on being the great community you can be! Thank you for reading <3