'The art of furniture in a digital world'

“the Digital revolution is changing the rules” - says the trendsetter Vincent Gregoire. Yes, she has radically changed many areas of life. Not an exception and personal space. Today we are constantly confronted with excessive visual information and advertising, becoming one of the main means of controlling people. But sometimes too complex scenes, the obsession, the active color gamut of the information blocks leads to fatigue, to irritability and even aggressiveness, which certainly is a negative aspect. In 1996, the American neuroscientist David Lewis introduced the concept of “syndrome of information fatigue”, which in the 21st century is greater. Lewis showed how information overload affects human health: in addition to the above appears anxiety, disturbed sleep, the person is in stress, in some cases, disturbed digestion, the problem starts with the heart.
In this regard, there is a trend towards the chamber interior, a kind of secluded corners where you can hide from the impact of the information world. And there already the man himself creates his objective environment, in the role of designer, architect. He chooses which furniture will stand with him. Recently another important direction is the desire to transform the space for specific tasks. This definitely helps gaining popularity in an ever-changing world of furniture-transformer. Of course, modern technology nobody would opt to avoid the influence of the digital world, however, they will need to raise the level of comfortable life, not already human.
increasingly in the market we can see companies applying in furniture manufacturing, modern engineering technologies, such as built-in electric mechanisms. Some enterprises have in creating functional, comfortable upholstered furniture Hodry mechanism electrically operated from the Austrian company in which all efforts during the folding-unfolding sofa reduced to zero even for the elderly and children, you just use the remote control.
German furniture company, which was presented at the last edition of the “Beautiful home. 2017”, has positioned itself as “the Studio of innovative comfort”. Her furniture prestigious, modern and most importantly functional. It applies in creating a comfortable environment for people of modern technology. The exhibition created a furore a comfortable, technologically advanced sofa Denver, opening a new generation of automatic sofas. Thanks to the innovative design of electrical mechanism on the control panel he is able to adapt to people: “you can always change the seat depth or backrest to assume a more comfortable position for watching TV or lots of fun”. Using a modular system it is possible to form any convenient composition. In addition, the sofa can be embedded a variety of options for even greater comfort. Likable and quiet, pleasant color scheme accentuates the style and sense of taste.
in Addition to furniture innovative technologies manifest themselves in such industries as medicine, education, art. In cinematic art – it's all kinds of 4D - and 5D-effects, which allow you to literally dive into what is happening on the screen, forgetting about reality. In medicine, every year the number of new technologies grows, this happens primarily to improve the lives, of renewal. Great progress has reached the same results for bioprinting of organs in 3D - printer. At the moment it is possible to print out the prostheses and implants of the musculoskeletal system of man. “Scientists around the world are working hard to create a multifunctional printer, capable of printing functional organs such as heart, kidneys and liver.”
In the furniture industry a special focus is transformable objects that appeared under the influence of a changing world. They should be subject to multitasking. There are structures where possible with one hand to turn the sleeper into the working area and Vice versa. Most often, the furniture-transformer combines 2 functions: bed, wardrobe, table, bed. But you can find quite a unique system that combines the whole room in a single compact element. All this helps not only to efficiently use every inch of the room, but also to create a unique interior with custom elements.
“I think very much of what we've been doing lately, — is processing. It's much better than to look for new ways and try to reinvent the wheel" (Jasper Morrison, a British designer). Much better to introduce new developments and ideas in the old, proven form. And since the sofa itself is quite a traditional element in any interior, today manufacturers are trying to introduce something cutting edge. The furniture appears to be great variety of models, is distinguished by its functionality and ergonomic properties. Modern sofas are so versatile that you can combine in addition to the functions of a couch and coffee table, chest of drawers, speaker system, can be transformed into a spacious bed, a chair, or be decomposed into several separate parts. This furniture will be ideal for small apartment.
as another subject in almost any interior, is the table. But this piece of furniture in a modern design can affect its decorative and unusual shapes, as well as the ability to transform. The same table can carry several functions: coffee table, working, dining, etc. most Often this is done by changing the height of the countertop, its size and inclination. Transform furniture can be both manually and using pneumatic and electric mechanisms.
Exclusive kinetic tables with the constant change of pattern in the sand are also a current trend in the furniture market. This piece combines classical forms and the latest technology, is a genuine work of modern art. The progenitor of the table, is the table for painting. The main difference is that sand animation is created by moving a metal ball driven by a magnet and a mini-computer. Amazing, unique drawings can be set in the program. This table can be placed in the office, so the waiting time will be not so painful. Also, the kinetic Desk will perfectly fit into a private interior, turning the space into a relaxing, meditative area for relaxing after a hard day. He is able to distract from any problems, forcing us to observe only during the motion of the ball writing the next figure.
Technology of furniture production, its improvement and development is not standing still in order to match the dynamic motion of modern society, while not causing discomfort to the person. However, it should be noted that furniture companies are perfectly cope with the tasks, transforming familiar objects into a more technological, functional and ergonomic, creating works on analogues from the past, adding the latest technology.