Cyan color in clothing, interior design, psychology

Color plays a big role in a person's life. Know that marketers, artists and psychologists. Yes, and most people inadvertently choose one or the other shade in your clothing or interior design. Today we talk about the cyan color.

What is that

Cyanic color is between blue and green. Another of his name – celadon. This color is great for bedroom design or living room. Today this color is in fashion. Moreover, it can be found everywhere. Some girls even dyed hair in cyan color. This can be done as a standard paint or tint the balm and the special crayons.

Artists in their works often use color celadon. But, in order to look the same in any color monitor, you will need a special code. Cyan color in the most popular RGB looks like this: 0, 240, 240. In the printing often use a different dither pattern. According to printing standards the color cyan is transferred palette CMYK: 100, 0, 0, 6.


Cyanic color – one of those, when you look at who achieved spiritual balance and peace. It promotes relaxation both mental and physical. Psychologists say that the room is painted in celadon is able to create a friendly, pleasant atmosphere. People who love this shade, are creative individuals.

characteristics of the cyanic colors – a desire for peace, emotional balance, philosophical speculation. Psychologists say that that is why the pictures with the image the sea or water have a beneficial effect on the person. Like any other blue, CYANOGEN is considered a male color.

Color combinations

Today it is fashionable to make all sorts of tables. They are created for aspiring designers who find it difficult to choose matching colors. What is a couple to choose to CYANOGEN? If you want to achieve contrast, note: yellow, orange, lime, red.

If you want to achieve something uniform, but to play the nuance is not desirable, you should look to pink, peach, beige, gold, lilac and ochre. The combination with other colors, cyan colors can be different. Everything will depend on the task and on your taste.


Cyan - the color is quite complex, so paint the walls only rarely. And not all manufacturers of Wallpaper love to experiment. Of course, if you search, a suitable alternative can be found. If you want to always have the opportunity to mixed the right shade. Completely crumble, or cyanide paste Wallpaper only the bedroom. After all, it is a place of solitude.

In the living room celadon common, but the quality of the parts. Yes, sometimes they can be large. In this case they play the role of color accents. You can, for example, to dilute the white living room carpet colors of CYANOGEN, and complement the vases in the same tone. And you can choose the sofa with upholstery. Supplement it can the chairs in the tone and picture of the sea. Some designers offer options of chandeliers and lamps, made in green-blue color. Glass is quite easy to make any color, and in the interior it will look very unobtrusive, thanks to its translucency.
In the kitchen design cyan color found in the design of the cabinets. Kitchen in this shade attracted a lot of attention, so balance it relaxing colors, such as white, beige or gray. In order to support the cabinets, you can choose to match them textiles. It can be curtains or a tablecloth.


Designers like intermediate colors. So in his works often use them. The color cyan can be seen in any collection of famous brands. This shade is released as a party wear and casual wear.

to make a harmonious kit with cyan color, should be guided by the following rules:
  • Use the outfit one base color and the other is additional. And one of them must be greater and the other less. For example, in the black color dress will look great jacket Navy. For Trouser suit, made in a cyan hue, perfect white blouse.
  • don't combine in your kit somewhat faded colors. If the pants have a nice pastel shade of sea waves, they should not complement a gray t-shirt. It is better to choose something more bright, for example white or pink.
  • If you wear something color, e.g., yellow skirt, it is not necessary to complement it with a cyan blouse. Get the traffic light. It is better to choose one of the colors as a base and the other to use accents. So, will look good yellow dress with a cyan belt.

  • Play on nuance. It is possible to mix three shades. For example, choose a blue skirt, cyan sweater and blue coat. However, this kit definitely need to dilute with neutral accessories like a brown belt, beige shoes and bag.