Read more about how to draw sweets

In this article topic would be on how to draw candy. Will be given several options.

sweet tooth

As you know, many people love sweets. But they are huge: candy, cookies, cakes, pastries, jelly and so on. Although it is unhealthy food, many are unable to resist and not to eat at least a piece of your favorite treats.
Sometimes the question arises about how to draw candy. I guess without tasting them, without knowing “character”, to do it will be quite difficult.

Goodies on paper

you Can paint and pencils, and paints, and markers. The most important thing – to try to convey shape and the right colors.

for Example, to draw a cake, you need to decide on its form. It can be round, square, layered, and so on. Now a lot of cakes that are covered with mastic. To make such a way to match the color and texture of the mastic. You can draw on top of various animals, flowers, and molds. Typically, these cakes bake for the holidays. To cake looked the most likely, you need to draw the connection between the top and the side. This line should be clear and at the same time smooth. Cake it is advisable to draw on a flat plate. Compulsory part – to draw shadow the plates and cake. Very well, if you draw a cake in the context.
to draw a candy, you need to determine their shape. They can be round, oval, and square. Can be done in the wrapper or in expanded form. That candy wrapper, point the bows at the sides and different designs: flowers, animals (“Ladybug”), figurines and so on.
Original work on paper of sweet foods such as cake or ice cream. To depict a cake, it is very important to drawing a person was rich imagination. First draw the base, where the upper part is wide, and the bottom – already, further, vertical strips. Then podruzamevaet contour cream. He made undulating movements (something like cloud). On top of the finished cake you can add any berry: strawberry or cherry. The final touch-painting.
Ice cream is portrayed in the same way as the cake. Successfully out if its basis is in the form of a cone (triangle).

How to draw sweets with eyes?

For any sweets you can attach the eyes. Why do we need this? Usually to impress young children or for originality. They can be made in different ways:
  • a Thin stream of cream to bring the shape of the eye and in the middle of the eyeball the colors.
  • you Can just make a small circle from poppy crumbs.
  • the Shape of the eye can be created from coconut, colored in the desired color.
picture it all portrayed by different colors. If the eyes are to represent in the form of two sticks, the impression is that the hotel will "blink". Pick up paint, use your imagination and you will succeed.