The Hamburg Kunsthalle in Germany: pictures, exposure

Travelers who choose to visit one of German cities-Hamburg, get aesthetic satisfaction by visiting the most famous landmark in the city – the Kunsthalle Museum. Being in the center of the city, it attracts attention and its appearance, because the building has an unusual architectural forms, and invaluable content-a collection of works of art from the middle ages to the twenty-first century.

Art from the middle ages to the present day


Museum was founded by the Hamburg Kunsthalle cultural community of art lovers. Thanks to private contributions of the inhabitants of the city, which paid for 2/3 of the cost, construction began on the Museum, and in 1869 it was opened. Then the building was twice enlarged in 1921 and in 1997. This is currently one of the largest museums in Germany. It is located near the Central station, is a real gem among the museums whose permanent collection spanning seven centuries of art history (from medieval hand-painted wooden altarpieces to large-scale paintings), attracts many visitors.
This is a great place to explore the history of art and the Museum itself. The architecture of the building and the interior are striking in their scope and design. Visiting the Museum will need more than three hours of free time, and even the whole day. The logistics Museum is built amazing. The company follows the period, very detailed, interesting and clearly explains everything. On each floor there is a huge number of rooms (large and small). The gems of the collection are paintings of artists such as Munch, van Gogh, Klee, Manet, Renoir. Tired and hungry visitors can visit the cafe where you can eat, drink delicious coffee and a break.

Permanent collection

More than 700 paintings hamburger Kunsthalle is on permanent display. The Museum exhibits an outstanding monument of Gothic art of the XIV century master Bertram - the altar, the work was created in 1379.[br]

there is Also the altar of the wizard, Franca, work of Rembrandt - a representative of the Dutch painting of the seventeenth century, German painting of the romantic period of the 19th century paintings by Caspar David Friedrich, Philipp Otto Runge, Adolph Menzel and max Liebermann. Among the works of the permanent exhibition impressionism and classic modernism is represented by paintings by max Beckmann, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Edvard Munch and Paul Kli. In addition, the Kunsthalle organises twenty exhibitions every year.

Special exhibitions

hamburger Kunsthalle gained international recognition for the quality organized annually special exhibitions. They attract thousands of visitors to the city. In January 2017, the Museum held the exhibition of the Surrealists. Presented works of the artists, among them Dalí, miró, Magritte, and Ernest. Everyone in the Museum shop in the foyer can purchase a variety of publications, stationery and Souvenirs.

in Addition to the catalogs, illustrated books and scientific publications on art and related topics you can find a large selection of posters, postcards and publications of the artists as well as unusual design elements and materials for drawing.
Interesting innovative project of the Museum, reveals the secrets of his work. Visitors will learn about how artworks are authenticated and restored, and how to distinguish an original from a fake, what are the criteria for the selection of exhibits for the Museum, and what is the importance of the frame in the artists ' works.

Gallery of our time


Museum also has an extensive contemporary collection located on the second floor, it is called the Gallery of modernity. It is open to visitors since 1997. It was built in a separate building. In the gallery of famous artists exhibit their works written after the 60s of the last century. Many recognized artists Richard Serra, Giannis Kounellis, Ilya Kabakov, Jenny Holzer and others - have created specifically dedicated to this new gallery works. So, the exhibition surrealism and pop art are held only in the Gallery of modernity. In the field of international contemporary art of different contemporary positions of the Hamburg Kunsthalle in Germany, represented by pop art, conceptual art, video art and photography. In the Gallery are constantly changing exhibitions, and there are always visitors who are interesting exposition. In 2014 was the exhibition devoted to the interpretation of the black square of Malevich.

the Mint and engraving offices

Coins, medals and engravings exhibited in two separate rooms of the Kunsthalle in Hamburg. The number of exhibits exceeds two and a half thousand. On display you can find coins and medals from different times and peoples. Thanks to sponsors constantly updated collection of prints. Currently they have about one hundred thousand.

Training room and library

study hall (Department of prints, drawings and photographs) is the library of the Museum. Public reference library is the largest library in the North of Germany, whose collections include more than 160,000 works. In the Hamburg Kunsthalle interested readers can find rich background information primarily on topics related to its permanent collection. Kunsthalle works according to the tasks: the collection and study of works of art, measures to preserve the collected material and to familiarize visitors with him.

Art can help to make training students easier and more fun. German educational institutions are to fully exploit the opportunity of familiarizing of children to art. Visit hamburger Kunsthalle include a program of school subjects. A very popular group tour with a guide.

Museum Services

the Value of the Museum workers in their unobtrusive presence and the care of visitors. All Museum venues are fully accessible for visitors with wheelchairs. Two additional Parking spaces for people with disabilities available (free) at the entrance to the Gallery of modern art (before the railway crossing). If necessary, Museum staff will assist with limited mobility. In the Parking lot there is a bell next to the Parking place. Turning to him, the visitor can be sure that he will come the employee of the Hamburg Kunsthalle. In Hamburg, as in many other European cities, focuses on the special program which in our country is known as "accessible environment”.

German Kunsthalle has an impressive area of 13 thousand km<sup>2</sup>. Of course, tourists buy a ticket, I try to get all the rooms in one day or even a few hours. This is quite tedious and in the end, many just fall asleep. For the convenience of visitors, the administration of the Museum, some paintings had a special chair for the disabled and portable folding chairs.
to Wander alone through the halls of the Kunsthalle and to stop where you want – it is a good thing. However, for those who want to learn more about the history of the Museum and its exhibits are organised guided tours. For tourists they are held in foreign languages: English, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish.