Museum in London "Tate Modern": description, history and interesting facts

Gallery “Tate” in London is a collection of objects of British art. Exhibits include an entire anthology of artistic ideas of the British – from past centuries to the present day.

Famous museums of London

the Museum “Tate” is a galaxy of the most famous museums not only in London but also in Europe.

popular galleries of England can be distinguished:
  • British Museum, containing many historical installations, evidence of the development of England from Ancient Egypt to the present.
  • the House at 221 Baker Street boasts of housing the Sherlock Holmes Museum. The gallery's interior largely follows the description of the apartment of the famous detective and his faithful assistant Dr. Watson. Since the opening in 1900 and to this day the Museum attracts numerous tourists and inhabitants of the English capital.
  • the Saatchi Gallery – a kind of English Cabinet of curiosities. Shocking unusual items evoke in the viewer shock, disgust and interest. Gallery aims to encourage strong mixed emotions. Contemplation of the temporary exhibition forces you to think about the fragility of earthly existence.
  • Another Museum of English fame – the house-Museum of Charles Dickens. Home of the author ‘Oliver Twist” feature in the tradition of the Victorian era. Almost every thing of the situation was a witness to the creativity of a novelist. Wandering through the rooms of the house, if the visitor is immersed in that time, becoming a contemporary of genius.
  • Museum "Cupids of London” – call prudish society. The exposition of the Museum consists of exhibits, symbolizing love, desire and passion. Reinforce the impression will help the excellent cocktails mixed with aphrodisiacs. Unique gallery creates mixed feelings and emotions.
Among the famous museums of London can be called the Victoria and albert Museum, design gallery, natural history Museum and others. The UK capital is considered to be the storehouse of the history of mankind.

Gallery “Tate” – attraction of enterprises “Tate”

the Museum “Tate” – one of the four museums of the Corporation “Tate”. Together with the British national Museum of contemporary art to the Guild “Tate” also includes:
  • Gallery «Tate Liverpool” – the former national gallery of British art, which includes not only Antiques, but interesting exhibits of our time.
  • Museum "Tate Britain”, which contains a wealth of national British art from 1500 to 1900.
  • Gallery «Tate St Ives” – as “Tate Liverpool” located outside of the UK capital. In the Museum you can admire paintings and installations of contemporary artists.
For the best informative potential visitors in 1998, the company “Tate” opened the portal «Tate online”. Since that time, anyone who wants to visit the new exhibition can get acquainted with the exhibits and the dates of the exhibition.

the Unusual location of the Museum

Gallery “Tate” in London is located in the former power station Bankside Power Station. The station was built in two stages, starting with 1947 and 1963. The architect of the building, sir Giles Gilbert Scott, tried to create a multifunctional and concise project. The building has undergone many reconstructions, resulting in the height of it reached 99.

Since 2000, the building was transformed in Museum of London original art “Tate”. By the way, despite the original form, the building blends harmoniously into the urban landscape. A luxurious lawn around the building has a family picnic after the contemplation of the beautiful.

First floor: Turbine hall

the Turbine hall gallery is located on the first level. Indoors each year, put up global, created by special order of the work of contemporary artists. Planned five-year existence of the section. However, the great popularity prevented to close a favorite with visitors of the exhibition. The surprise of the exhibits is amazing.

Among the installations struck by the great sun created from shiny metal; intricate interwoven spiral reaching upward, as if eager to take off into the sky, and in fact – connect the stalls to the upper floors; spider-giant that serves as a kind of arch for the passage of spectators and many other original items. On the first floor in different years exhibited works by such celebrities as Louise Bourgeois Juan Munoz, Anish Kapoor, Bruce Noman, Doris Salcedo, and others.

Installation of the second level gallery

the Most original and outrageous exhibits located on the second level of the gallery “Tate”. Exhibitions follow one after the other after 2-3 months. The second level offers perhaps the most short-lived exhibits.

the Exhibition on the third floor of the Museum “Tate” in London

Wherever we went on the third floor of the Museum, from every point of view runs into a huge installation called "Wood of wood”. Powerful Kush rushes up and makes you stop. What does the exposition known to the author alone venture. All other contemplation gives rise to thoughts about his own existence, the problems of nature and humanity. After all, if the tree itself lives its last days, vainly struggling with the inevitability of life.

On the third level “Tate” in London, presents and other temporary eccentric composition. Among the exhibitions we can highlight the exposure of a series of “Material gestures”, which includes representatives of abstractionism and expressionism. Claude Monet, Anish Kapoor, Barnett Newman mark Rothko, Henry Matisse, Takita Dean – star "Tangible gestures”.
a Series of “Marks and texture” contains works by painters of the 50-ies of the last century. All works represent the relationship between reflection and visual abstraction. Among the authors are Fred Williams, Judith Reigl, Shozo, Shimamoto.
“Poetry and dream” – a series of creations of erotic orientation. This collection by one author, which is amazing and raises a serious passion. Painter, who creates under the pseudonym Decent people, traces the connections between the old and the newest relationship to eroticism and sex in urban conditions.

Temporary exhibitions of the fourth tier

Almost all of the exposition galleries “Tate” in London is temporary. The largest exposure is located on the fourth level. The floor contains two monumental exhibition segment. Usually a visit to the Museum is free, except the larger incoming exhibitions.

from time to Time the two sections are joined together for more space. For example, exhibits a huge size, which symbolizes the retrospective of the works of Gilbert and George, demanded a giant square.

Description exhibitions on the fifth floor gallery

Fifth floor is dotted with small sections containing fleeting exposure. It is here that exhibited the works of artists who acquired recently.
Vernissage “the Idea and the object" is given to the works in the trends of minimalism, conceptualism and constructivism. Among the authors of the works it is possible to allocate Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, Sol Le Witt, Martin creed, Jenny Holzer.
a Series of "change State" includes works in the style of cubism, futurism, fortuity and pop art. It is here presented the creations of Pablo Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol. the Exhibition is supplemented by interesting photographic works by Eugene Atget.

in addition to levels, the exhibitions are placed in numerous areas of the rest of the Museum, restaurants, cafes and office spaces. In addition to exhibits on the upper level of the building is an observation deck galleries “Tate” in London. Reviews numerous visitors testify to the wonderful view, which stretches from the foot of the former power station, and now – most famous Museum in the world.