To draw a cone is very simple

What to do in your free time? A lot of options: you can read, crossword puzzles, cross stitching, burn the tree. And you can learn to draw. This is an incredibly exciting experience, which not only diversifies leisure but will also bring a lot of benefits. Drawing improves fine motor skills, hand-eye, coordination, contributes to the development of attention and visual memory. And don't worry that you don't have enough talent. To master this science will be able to everyone, regardless of age. Following the advice of the wizard, step by step, you will create real masterpieces. For example, today we will learn how to draw a cone.

get organized

the Basis for almost any painting is a pencil sketch. So to start, you will need only white rough paper (not glossy), soft eraser and a few pencils of different markings (hard, soft or medium) to create a tonal spots, effects, and lines of varying intensity.

In the future when you learn the pencil drawing, you can go to the color design. At this stage, useful watercolor and gouache, brushes of natural hair (squirrel or pony hair) different thickness and shapes, as well as the easel. All these accessories need to buy a professional art shop.

where to start

to Create a drawing on the theme of nature is best in a natural setting, that is, on the shore of the lake, in the forest, on the meadow or in the field. So your creativity will be all the time in front of your eyes and you will be able to pass it the form, texture and color. But to draw the cone can be at home if it is at hand. First you need to take a good look at different angles, after you put on the table and try to capture on paper. To make it a lot easier than it seems, which proves the following lesson.

How to draw a pine cone: step-by-step master class

Any sketch always starts with sketching the overall shape of the object. In the process, the sketch is refined, the final stage draw small elements of light and shade, are hatching to give the image volume. Drawing on the theme of "Pine cone" is created by the same principle.

Draw on paper a narrow oval, slightly narrowed and tilted to the right. What was it like? A drop of water or tear into a chicken egg or almonds.
Detail drawing
Now oval you need to fill in triangular scales. They resemble fish scales, just a little pointed at the bottom. The triangles should be next to and overlap each other. The top and middle bumps scales the largest, and at the bottom they are smaller. To correctly draw a cone, you need to know that the ripe fruit is revealed, therefore some of the upper scales should be sticking to the sides. For clarity we suggest to focus on the example above.

Give the work of naturalness
Now with the eraser tool gently remove all the excess lines, a well-sharpened pencil to clearly point the contours of the figure. In the middle of each scales draw a seed in the form of a small narrow oval, positioned horizontally (see how the seeds portrayed a professional artist). To give the figure natural, apply a light shading around the perimeter of each scales. If you did everything correctly, your sketch will be similar to the example above.
a Little color does not hurt, so color pencil drawing. This can be done with colored pencils, markers or watercolors. The choice of color remains with the contractor. Natural pinecone painted in brown, green or brownish, but nobody forbids dream, so blue or crimson too. You decide!

Now that you know how to draw a cone in stages, is to listen to the good advice of the master.

Advice from experienced artist

Be patient and move forward with small steps. Art does not tolerate haste. First, try to perform the simple step-by-step master classes. When you can confidently draw a cone or bow, then you can move on to more advanced topics and master the image of a butterfly or grasshopper.

In the next step go to drawings from nature, which is a very important moment for every artist. Main thing is to train every day. And you'll soon see how good steel your sketches.