How to draw a fist pencil

to get Rid of boredom will help draw is a great activity for the benefit of self-development. Artistic creativity developing eye, sense of form, coordination, attention and visual memory. But not all have the confidence. Don't know how to draw a fist, a person, a Sparrow, or a pig under the tree? It is actually much easier than you think. See for yourself on the example of the step-by-step tutorial. We'll show you how to draw a fist, for clarity at each stage of explanation by presenting a sketch of a professional artist.

Tips of the masters: get started

If you have decided to learn drawing, then you should start with step-by-step master classes. This will help to understand the basic principles of proportions, the perspective construction, placement of elements drawing on paper.
First you need to use only a simple pencil. This is the most suitable tool for understanding the basics of art. Need more white rough paper and a soft eraser.
But the most important is the desire, persistence and faith in themselves. If you are determined to start, then move on to practice and learn how to draw a fist with a pencil in stages.

Step 1. The main outlines

Immediately will understand, how to draw a fist the front and back. To do this, draw on paper side by side of the trapezoid.

from the Side, at the bottom of each of them, finish the triangles as in the example below. It outlines future thumbs. On the top line of figures, "put" four horizontal oval for the image of the joints.
Sketch on the left clenched fist back, and right fist in front. Therefore, the figure to the right, complete with vertical ovals, which schematically represent the phalanges.

Step 2. Give the outlines of certainty

Smooth wave connect horizontal ovals (joints) of each hand. The sides make thumbs, not forgetting the nail plate. At this point, the image appeared much clearer, the outlines took shape.

Step 3, final. Give the image of realism

After we specify the sketch, your drawing is almost ready. Left to do the finishing touches: remove eraser all the extra lines, we could draw the basic outlines, add shadows. If you did everything correctly, then your work will be similar to the figure of the artist, is presented below.

Now you know how to draw a fist like. As you can see, this can be done in just three steps. The job is so simple that even cope with it the child.
After step-by-step tutorial you can experiment with the position of the hand compressed in a fist, with its size and angle. Every time the thumbnail will look different, and you finally make sure that you know how to draw a fist.

Brief summary

no Matter what you draw, the main thing is practice every day. Carry a notebook and pencil for sketches and sketches from nature, learn step-by-step master classes from professionals, look for your style. When you feel that the hand became firmer, go to the color design of graphic drawings. No doubt, soon enough your work will bring you satisfaction and delight of others.