How to draw a volcano for the beginner

Volcano - a unique geological formation that looks like a normal mountain. But the top is a crater, from which at times erupt lava, rocks, gas and ash. Natural disaster looks great, especially if to observe her from afar. The fiery lava streams flowing on black stones, destroying everything in its path. The ash cloud rises from the depths. All this is often accompanied by lightning and heavenly glow. If in your heart lives the artist, he will surely be drawn to pencils and paints. How to draw a volcano in all its glory? Let's talk about it.

Preparatory work

For starters, stock up on all the necessary utensils. You will need paper, pencils, eraser, paint. If you consider yourself an aspiring artist, follow the instructions below. Then surely you have to draw a volcanic eruption, not the Smoking geyser or fire on the top of the mountain.
Image is better positioned at the bottom of the paper, that there is a place for the pillar of fire and smoke. Don't forget to save some space for drawing the surrounding area to our volcano did not seem hanging in the air. Now, take a pencil and start to work.

How to draw a volcano in stages

to Make it easy, if you follow the plan:
  • Draw two slightly rounded features, indicating the contours of a future eruption.
  • draw a half-oval. This is the top of a mountain with a crater.
  • zig-zag line indicate the foot.
Our volcano ready. How to draw the eruption, we describe below.

  • Draw a pencil flowing from the crater lava. This can be done by using wavy lines. Let the lava goes a little over the edge of the volcano.
  • Erase the extra lines.
  • Draw some straight shit, escaping from the crater of the volcano.
  • Over them draw the smoke.
  • Mark the surrounding landscape: hills, hills, forest, ponds. Don't forget the laws of perspective.
  • Add small details. For example, a spray of lava or rocks flying from the crater of the volcano.

Coloring picture

How to draw a volcano in color? We will need paint or crayons. The volcano itself is brown. The black lines in some places will draw recesses, protrusions. Indicate the play of light and shadow. The lava paint in bright yellow color. With orange stripes complete the winding streams of fire, trace the contours, creating a sense of fluidity and dynamics. From the crater of the volcano should break out in flames, burning red spray. The reflections from them fall on the nearest slopes of the mountains, the trunks of the trees.

pay Special attention to the sky. It rises a purple-gray cloud of smoke and ash. Just below the dark clouds glowing glow. You can draw it with yellow, orange and red hues that fade into one another. In the clubs, the strip will draw lightning. They are often observed during eruption. They are similar not so much on twists as on the thin, sinuous branches of the trees. Paint them in shining white.
Now pay attention to the landscape around the volcano. Bright green, not yet scorched by lava, looks contrast.
How to draw a volcano, if you're not handy with pencils and paints? Very simple. Follow our instructions and the result will surely delight you.