How to draw Astra in different techniques and on different materials

For many people, creativity is the main meaning of life. People tend to Express themselves through music, poetry and, of course, drawing. If you are far from art, but want to join it, this article is just for you. Today we'll show you how to draw Astra in different techniques and on different materials.

Drawing by pencil

First thing we need to identify the outline of a flower. So just to compound branch on the sheet. How to draw a Astra next? The next step planned expanded flowers and buds. Our branch will be 5 astr. Four of them fully opened, and the fifth in the Bud. From the planned leaves, because the flowers will cover them. Draw the twigs. And then draw the leaves are elongated needle-like shape. Each of them we divide into two parts. One of them is shadow, so zastrahovan it.
Go to the colors. How to draw a Astra with a pencil? This flower resembles the Daisy. Start drawing from the core. And then pririsovyvat elongated petals. Remember that asters are different: with needle and round leaves. They cannot be mixed, as we draw one branch. In the Bud and draw individual leaves, and the bottom dorisovyvaet greens. Our sketch is ready. Optionally, you can darken some of the petals.

Draw Astra watercolor

again, start with the layout. How to draw Astra watercolor? The proposed single flower. It will be half-open, Thus, you get a beautiful contrast between the purple Aster and greens. Flower proposed a semi-circle. In the middle of it doing the core and from it draw the petals. They will all be pointing in the same direction, in the upper right corner. The petals of the cutting will be small and to the center, they must increase.
When the sketch is ready, go to the watercolor image of the flower Aster. Paint it with any paint, in our case it will be stretching purple and green. First, the proposed yellow core and allow the paint to dry. Then pour the whole flower bright purple paint, and right light green paint, denoted by the leaves and twig.
When the first coat is dry, rich color of those paints are passed on to the Astra again. The base of the petals emphasize the dark paint, but the top left light. Leaves the case. Foreground are working on a dark green background, but the background is not touched, it will remain bright.

Draw asters on fabric

Image on paper realistic do not always, but often. But the pattern on the fabric to make photographic impossible. How to draw Astra on the fabric? This art is called batik. The pattern is applied with special paints on silk. We stretch the fabric on stretcher bars and start to work. First we draw the outline of the flower. Petals Aster does not have to be straight, they may fancy to bend in all directions. And since we are represented on a single branch, and glade, our flowers can be varied. For example, some will have needle-like leaves, others will be drawn rounded or, more generally, in the form of strings. After drawing the contour of the reserve, we begin to fill it with paint. In our case, we used purple to create the effect of verisimilitude, and most importantly - recognition.
When the drawing is ready, it can drill. For example, to draw the points, commas, or strange geometric shapes. The main thing - that the background is not very conspicuous and not distracting from the colors.

Draw the Astra on the body

Today it is fashionable to decorate the back of the forearm or hands different images. It can be like a tattoo, and the figure paints or henna. We'll show you how to draw Astro in stages. First you need to outline with a thin brush outline the flowers and leaves. Astra will be the center of the composition, so we'll start with. Draw a big circle and in the center of another circle but smaller. Middle of the flower and fill with yellow color and immediately while the paint dries, add on the edge of the brown color.
Draw the purple petals. First row first, which is fully visible to us, and then the second row, which is half-hidden. At the base and at the ends dimmable petals, and in the middle stretching to make a light purple color. While the paint dries, detail center. Put small dots of brown paint and large dots of light yellow color.
Detail of the petals. In the middle of each you want to draw the dash of dark purple or black color. It remains to draw the leaves. Like an ordinary flower, they must have distinctive zigzag edges. So the composition looked interesting, on the right we will have one large leaf and one small. But on the left there should be three. One large and two small. Fill the leaves with a dark green paint and quickly dilute it with white, but only at the edges of the zigzag. Final action – the outline and elaboration of the veins black.