Watercolour landscapes: everything you need to know budding artists

Watercolor landscapes – is not only beautiful, but also informative. The landscapes that you paint, can be made in different techniques, and while you are drawing, you are sure to experience positive emotions, because painting with watercolors is calming and helps you focus. Photo watercolor landscapes often appear in groups in social networks, but didn't you ever want to know their secret?

What you need to know about painting in watercolor?

When painting watercolor landscapes, you need to remember that watercolour – working with layers, watercolor you can easily ruin, not allowing to dry each layer adding too much color or water. When painting watercolor layers are mixed with the previous layers due to the fact that the material is translucent.

Remember that items that are close to you, you need to set brighter than the background, – it needs to remain light and pale. First, write the background, and only after drying of each layer, the details become more clear and bright.

What brushes and paper to use?

Use the brushes for watercolor painting made of natural cloth, such as a pony or a squirrel. The best pile for registration of small parts is columns, it is more elastic, and it is easier to make precise strokes. Try not to make mistakes, getting to watercolor landscapes. A set of brushes to start painting with watercolors may be minimal, but will definitely buy brush multi sizes – wide No. 6-7 and a few thin No. 2-3. If you know that you will prescribe the small details, take a high-quality brush No. 0-1.

in order to avoid mistakes, take from quality paper designed for watercolor painting, – it is thick and rough, therefore, it will be great to soak up the paint and water does not become wavy. It is not necessary to buy expensive paper! For starters, you can take the most ordinary paper for watercolors, which are sold individually at art supply stores. Be sure to train yourself in painting watercolor landscapes again and again, practice drawing as often as possible, and soon you will see how much changed your abilities.

How to draw landscape?

Watercolor landscapes for beginners – the best way to practice watercolor techniques. They are drawn interestingly, and they do not need to use so many colors – because when mixing two or three colors the result is new. Try not to use dark, gloomy colors. Black color in watercolor is required only when rendering the final details, but when mixing colors it is best not to use.

First make the composition of the landscape – define what and where you will draw. Then hold the pencil (it is advisable to take soft-2C) and light strokes, barely touching the paper, mark the boundaries and objects.
Draw background, well diluted the paint with water, achieving the effect of lightness. Don't forget to change the water in the jar, otherwise the color will eventually become dirty. Landscape start painting the sky, broad strokes with a brush No. 6, 7 or 8. Be sure to hold the drawing at a slight angle, not completely horizontal, so the paint flowed beautifully down. Let dry each layer before applying a new one. With each new layer make the drawing more clear and bright.