What is Hardbass: the direction of the dance or youth philosophy

Modern dance styles, which enjoys young people, has come to Russia mainly from the West. But every rule has its exception. Such an exception in the dance world was the movement hard bass (hard bass). However, this name is called and the dance and the music to which he danced.

Who invented the style of hard bass

Hard bass was invented in 2010 by a group of guys in St.-Petersburg. The first place where they began to dance, became “Dance School Hardbase”, located in the same city. The founder of the style is Dj Snat.

Fairly new trend hard bass quickly gained popularity in Runet, commercials with dancing in the style people have become real hits, and in social networks there are groups of this movement with numerous participants.

Where and how to dance hard bass

to Understand what hard, bass, dance it where and how help is still a few clubs. As a rule, one can see young men dancing in the streets, in shopping centres, on roofs, in buses, playgrounds, schools and other public places. Of course, the dancing in this style, can be found in Nightclubs or dance. Dancing is often a group of guys, at least one.
dance Movements are quite simple and even monotonous, which makes it popular among non-professional dancers. Mandatory rule-clenched fists palm of your hand, placed your thumb and little finger. This gesture can be considered a symbol of style.

dance is welcomed improvisation and freedom of action. In schools hardbase say that it is enough to learn just a few movements, and all other “come”, the main thing - to listen to the music and move it to the beat.
Easy dance moves is due to its purpose. The guys who created it, tried to think of a Russian version of the lezginka, the dance master quickly under the force of anyone. It helps to understand what hardbat: more a mass movement, not an individual dance.

Who is dancing hard bass

Hardresser, namely the so-call themselves adherents of this style, <span data-mce-mark="1">- </span>it is mostly young boys, rarely girls. Many of them pupils, students, football fans.
most Often they are dressed in suitable for such a dance tracksuit. Often, the group of dancers, you can see teenagers with school backpacks. Sometimes hardresser put on a face mask or tie scarves.

What music Hardbass

If you translate the name of the style of English, will “heavy bass”. This phrase perfectly characterizes music Hardbass. Powerful, custom bass, fast paced – here are the main components of this electronic music. Thanks to them the sound is unique, unlike the slower styles of electronic music.
This feature pushes many people, especially the older generation, the music makes it difficult for their perception. But the true connoisseurs of electronic styles hard find bass very attractive because of his personality.
as for the lyrics, which is danced hard bass, they are also simple and uncomplicated, like the dance itself: "Times, times, times, Hardbass, all in gym shorts "Adidas"”.

Hard bass for a healthy lifestyle

What is CardBus? For haribasara it's not just a dance, it is a philosophy. With their movement, they want to show that life can be more fun, brighter and more diverse, and it does not need alcohol and drugs. All the lyrics of haribasara can hear about the desire for a positive and healthy lifestyle.
Today, hard bass – movement, adherents of which can be found in many cities of Russia and CIS. And he finds his fans abroad – in Poland, the Czech Republic, France, Spain and Chile. Due to the movement of youth gather in groups to dance and Express their negative attitude to drugs. And this is a huge plus, as well as and the main answer to the question, what is CardBus.