American artist Jeff Koons: biography, creativity, and interesting facts

Contemporary art. Kitsch. These words for the modern man are not empty words. Jeff Koons is considered the brightest representative of this direction. Moreover this man's name known and popular in the field of art. He's rich and famous. He is both open and obscure, his art is garish, outrageous, annoying his works attractive. And he acknowledged modern is a genius. So Jeff Koons.

Kitsch. Briefly about the style

What does this man? What is a it work? It all starts with kitsch. This word in translation from German means "trash," "vulgar," "tasteless". The first wave of popularity of this trend came in the 50-ies of the last century. Mass products made of plastic, copied high aristocratic art. At that time products of this kind enjoyed universal admiration. At first glance, kitsch does not cause sympathy, but a logical question arises: why did it receive such wide distribution?
If you look on the other hand, we can see the presence here of the irony. Because all the attributes of a successful life have been through tenacious paws of kitsch. On the pedestal of our time perched such thing as a beverage bottle (Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola), jeans popular brands, cigarettes, singers wearing ghostly titles of kings. Yes, of course, it is comfortable, beautiful, delicious, stylish, but nothing more. Jeff Koons is the man that she saw and understood the two sides. And on the basis of this trend has built his own Empire.

Early works of Koons

the Ingenious author of Jeff Koons, whose work is widely recognized in contemporary art has forced the world to talk about himself in 1985 when he introduced his work at the exhibition of the collection Damien Hirst. Three basketball, in-filled aquarium, create the impression of weightlessness, of flight. It is the creation of Jeff Koons greatly influenced his future work. After a time the master presented a new work in a similar performance. Sheep, cows, sharks immersed in formaldehyde, presented in a series of exhibits. Koons glorifies in his work only contemporary celebrities. So, to replace Marilyn Monroe came Michael Jackson. Composition ‘Michael Jackson & bubbles” was demonstrated in 1998.

a Few words about his personal life and a series of sculptures “Made in heaven”

the great fame of the artist brings a series of sculptures “Made in heaven”. The attitude of the exhibits caused a wave of mixed reviews in the community. The series of sculptures depicts the author and his ex-wife during lovemaking. The name of his first wife better known as Cicciolina, who was an Italian porn star Ilona Staller. In 1991, the couple formalized their relationship in 1992 was born the son of Ludwig, soon after the marriage fell apart.
Provocative and the provocative series of sculptures caused a greater degree of condemnation than a confession, but this fact did not prevent the author to take in the history of art one of the leading positions. He was scolded and condemned, but has always responded to his work. On the other hand, it may seem that the author used the image of his ex-wife for a series of works, which have resulted in many years of the courts between former spouses, and the son was deprived of his father. Although Koons argued that it was true love.
Any work of Koons has attracted interest. Personal life of the master also is provocative. While still a College student, he became a father to a daughter, Shannon Rodgers, which was given up for adoption. The girl's mother because of their young age, refused to marry him. The father and daughter was found only in 1995.
currently, the artist is happily married. His family grows to five children, and the eldest daughter is already twenty years old and the youngest son was recently born. Koons is in excellent physical shape, every day at noon regardless of any Affairs he attends sports. Referring to the words of a famous artist, I would like to mention that the secret of his success – working with strong emotions, they will not leave indifferent neither one man. According to the author, highlight such concepts as power and sex. An example would be the above-described work of Jeff Koons sculptures in a series of “Made in heaven”.

Dogs and inflatable tulips

Toy dogs have become one of the favorite themes of the artist. The type of light and transparent, covered with colored gloss, really cute toys are created from a favorite material master – stainless steel. Thus, the work of Jeff Koons estimated tens of millions of dollars. In 2013, at auction his “Orange dog” was sold for 58.4 million dollars, which became the most expensive work by a living artist.
To his favourite subject of the sculptor include the 13-foot sculpture of a puppy. The sculpture is covered with flowers. "Puppy" is set in Spain in the city of Bilbao near the Museum “Guggenheim”. It also has one of the many inflatable tulips from stainless steel whose height reaches two meters and a width of five. The impression that the buds of tulips-light and airy.
In 2014, for the popular Swedish brand H&M, contemporary genius was created bag with a picture of the sculpture “yellow Dog”. I would like to mention another not unimportant fact that on the creation of works works today under the leadership of the flamboyant painter and sculptor more than 130 people. Jeff Koons is the President of the Corporation Jeff Koons LLC. The Central office is located in new York.

Pink metal heart

the Art of Jeff Koons is reflected in a series of works. Pink metal heart in appearance similar to the candy in a bright wrapper. In 2007, heart was sold at auction for the fabulous price. The price was 23.6 million dollars. At the time this work has set the world record for the sold price. Turquoise, blue, gold, purple color, there are other options of hearts. They all look like light balloons, but it is only an illusion, balls and candy made of steel. The author has used in these works, his favorite material.

Modern antiquity

Exhibition of Jeff Koons, which took place in new York in 2013, seems at first sight not similar to the style of Koons. White human figure with blue balls on his shoulders frozen in different poses. But the presence of kitsch felt in these works. The plot and style belongs to the times of ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. But Jeff Koons sculpture presents in its manner close to pop art.
Special attention should be paid to the sculpture of the Paleolithic Venus. The work presented in the style of Koons, and if the eroticism in the works of this modern genius is an inherent part of, his interest in historical images it is possible to predict, in other words it's all the same kitsch.
In recent years, he increasingly began to draw on paper. Jeff Koons paintings brings together a collage of images of sculptures of ancient times, connecting them with the banal and the unexpected touches of the draft.

violations of the rights of the author

Jeff Koons in may 2017 in new York, the exhibition presents his sculpture ‘Sitting ballerina”. It was noticed the striking similarity of this work with the work of Oksana Entrup Ukrainian sculptor – miniature porcelain figurine, which was named sculptor “Dancer Helen». However, later the situation was clarified. For a copy of the statue Jeff Koons gave permission to the successor of the Ukrainian sculptor Oksana Entrup, her daughter lozove Leontina.
Artist was repeatedly accused of plagiarism. In March 2017 the French court ordered Koons to pay 48 thousand euros to the wife of the late photographer Francois Bor, who in 1988 Koons stole the idea for creating a sculpture called “Naked”. This kind of photo was published by the Bor in 1970. Nevertheless, Jeff Koons is an artist who has always followed its own interests, the ideas of the masters to life represents his team, he basically is the Creator of the idea and working on the computer. One wonders why contemporary art is so highly valued and is on a par, for example, with the Renaissance.

Artist and marketing expert

Not just Koons was accused that he put his art on the wave of business. The ability to trade he inherited from his ancestors. But the history of the Jeff – is a classic American dream, coupled with the marketing genius and the indomitable will of Koons. Many important and the fact that Koons is his idol – Picasso. Koons promotes a healthy lifestyle to the same as his idol, do to old age.
by His example, Koons has shown how modern art can be put on the conveyor and to turn it into a multi-million dollar fortune. The Americans have a proverb: he was a very good businessman-he went bankrupt three times. Koons was not just a good businessman, and even very good, as his company is on the verge of bankruptcy appeared only once in 90 years. But his outstanding genius was able to improve his business, and his business went up the hill.

On the crest of a wave of success

currently, Koons is popular and still famous. The cooperation with Lady Gaga, painted BMW. According to Koons, it is possible to convey the essence of his work in these words: I focus on what I actually find interesting. In public, he's just, posturing or starry disease, he is not typical, all the questions trying to answer with a great sense of humor, dressed always in strict business suit, answers the questions in a thoughtful, precise and restrained. Time it is painted literally on minutes.