How to draw a turnip looks like?

drawing Lessons with children from 3 years forcing us to take another look at the stories and fairy tales. Despite the fact that we think that kids don't draw anything complex, the teacher has to prepare for classes very carefully. It is necessary to consider, what questions can ask the children, what's interesting to tell them how to make the learning process interesting? In this article, we'll show you how to draw a turnip.

Turnip — hero tales and Proverbs

If we say the word ‘turnip’, we first remember her as hero tales and Proverbs:
  • Ivan, Ivan! Pull up the weeds to grow, the turnip, is sweet but strong, growing cucumber, long mustache. well done.
  • Mother turnip, freak strong, neither rare nor dense, up to Great Lent.
  • easy.

And, of course, remember the story ‘Turnip’. The one where Dedkov, grandmother, granddaughter, dog, cat and mouse from work pulled this miracle vegetable from the earth.

Turnip — healthy vegetable

Children can and should tell you what is a turnip. What's it like? What color? She pleases us in the fall, and prefers to grow in cooler regions.
turnips are easy to Grow, as it is undemanding to soil and Matures in 2 months. During the season you can get two crops. Not surprisingly, this tasty and vitamin-rich turnip became the favorite hero of our tales. It grew abundantly in the gardens of our ancestors, and they hoped it would be, this vegetable is big-very big.

looks Like a turnip?

In appearance similar to a large turnip radish. But, actually, it is a relative of cabbage. Is a rounded vegetable, yellow-orange, with lush foliage, which consists of carved bushy leaves. The color and shape of turnips may be different, depending on the variety. But we habitually bright yellow instances.

How to draw a fairy tale ‘Turnip’ children?

First we will tell the children about turnip, its appearance, qualities — fairytale and cookery. And to paint it was easy, we explain the drawing process in stages. To begin with, we have to draw it with a pencil, and then paint.

Step one

so, how to draw a turnip with a pencil? Decide the format of the picture. It's convenient to do it in the album format A4. If we plan to make a big colourful picture, it is better to take a larger format, for example, A3.
Next, decide the composition. The turnip can be placed on the sheet placed vertically or horizontally. Think — if we want to draw her alone or with other characters in the story? If we draw the portrait of a turnip, you can draw on the whole sheet. But if we want to add and the other characters, you have to make it smaller.
To work we need:
  • pencil;
  • eraser;
  • paint (watercolor or gouache);
  • jar of water
  • tassel;
  • sponge or cloth.
  • pressure on the pencil, sketching the outline of a turnip. First draw a circle, then a few pull it top and bottom.
  • Bottom, then draw the tail.
  • at the top of the turnips will perishes leaf foliage – one or a few.
  • to have To get the turnip sitting in the ground, you can divide it in half with a line – the top part is above the patch and a prominent figure, and the lower part we can not draw, but simply to paint the “ground” color.
  • Now let's outline the outline of our picture. Trace will be a good line. Bad gently erase eraser.
If we want to draw a turnip lying on the ground, then let's do it a little differently:
  • first we define the axis of the circle. If the vegetable is put on a flat surface, we will see, he will be somewhat slanted. It all depends on its natural curvature and thickness of the tail. This tilt is what we want to designate.
  • let's draw a line at 45 degrees to the imaginary surface of the earth. Around her strokes sketching the circle similar to an ellipse.
  • At the bottom of the ellipse, draw the tail in the upper part denote the tops with carved leaves.
Look at the picture and draw carefully from simple to detail. And we move on to the next step - how to draw a turnip gradually paints.

Drawing inks

  • Take brown paint and paint the turnip below our horizontal line, which we have designated the earth, or a flower bed.
  • When the paint dries a bit, cut the top of the turnip yellow color.
  • Take a brush and orange paint directly on the wet yellow put a brighter color on top. Beautiful orange color will spread on the surface and the turnip will become more like itself.
  • When dry paint green paint paint the leaves.
  • at the end of the brown paint will Prorsum the middle of foliage.
Turnip is ready!

Develop imagination create fun and easy

drawing Lessons with the children to develop their imagination. How to draw fairy tale "the Turnip" is not widely understood. It's one thing to portray a vegetable growing in the garden, another matter — fabulous. There's a huge turnip freak out, and pull it was not under force to multiple people!
to give the picture of fabulousness, try to make the vegetable human traits. The tops can be drawn similar to the hair – beautiful wavy lines. The turnip can be given a different expression by drawing her eyes, nose and mouth. If the turnip is sad, the corners of the mouth pull down, and if we are satisfied with life, then make her smiling and cheerful. The turnip can be drawn and in the shape of a heart.

Try to teach children to mix dyes. Color the picture yellow. Before this layer is dry, apply a top clear red paint. Children will see how the turnip will change color and become orange.
Now try the opposite — paint a red color on top and pour the yellow. What happens? So, a simple turnip proved to be quite difficult subject. And gave us many opportunities for introducing children to fine art.
I Hope that now the issue of children — how to draw a turnip — will put you in a deadlock. Good luck!