How to draw an acorn? Tips master

You are bored and have nothing to do? To read, to watch TV and solve crossword puzzles bored? Then learn how to draw. This is a very exciting activity that is equally suitable and young people, and middle-aged people and the elderly. Do not require special equipment and tools. We will add that drawing a simple pencil and paints very useful for developing mindfulness, fine motor skills, coordination and observation. Do not be afraid that you do not have enough talent. Perseverance, patience and the advice of specialists will help to overcome all difficulties. Start simple, for example, learn how to draw an acorn. You absolutely mastered and will create real masterpieces on paper.

where to begin?

If our entry has inspired you, then buy a white paper with a grainy, slightly rough surface (not smooth), a few pencils of varying hardness/softness (marking NV, TT, and TM), a soft eraser. At the initial stage of this will be enough to create decent sketches. If the hobby will grow into something more, then you should think about buying the easel. So you will be able to draw from nature, in a Museum or the zoo, as well as the paper and the arm will be at right angles relative to each other.

step-by-Step master class: how to draw an acorn?

Draw some circles for the image of acorns from different angles. Each circle divided in half by a straight line.

Draw the "cap" (this part of the fruit is scientifically called the Cupule):
  • on large and small acorns - smooth lines along the circumference until the middle of the figures;
  • on average, mark the location of the petiole slightly to the right of the middle of the circle.

Now let's draw the fruit itself, stretching the circle into an oval and spearheaded its end. "Plant" small acorns on the twig. For clarity, look at the examples. Try to see your work at each stage was similar to the figure of the wizard.

the last Step: give the picture natural

Hover the contours of the figure, an eraser, remove all auxiliary lines. After a stroke in a circular motion involucre (remember that this is a "cap") and short lines of the fruit itself. Stroking the fetus, direct the pencil lead respectively from left to center and right center of the figure. So you give the acorn volume. At this stage I can confidently say that now I know how to draw an acorn with a pencil.

If you want to portray acorn in color, leaving white space – highlights.