Famous paintings with people

A pattern with the people today known around the world. Admire them, admire their consummate beauty and originality of the plot. True connoisseurs of art would prefer to have some of them at home to get an opportunity to admire authentic masterpieces. Indeed, the most striking and memorable are the portraits of people. Paintings are not just recognizable, and loved by many generations. All because in the view depicted on the canvas of the person we have the opportunity to read his inner self. Some critics say that trying to read the soul of the depicted character. Very interesting to get acquainted with the inner world of another person and compare it with their own perception of reality. Let us consider the most well-known paintings with people. Each of them is unique and inimitable.

“Girl with peaches”

a splendid work of V. A. Serov, to which he owes his fame. It was written in 1865. The reason for the creation of the painting was an ordinary event: a visit to a noble estate. Depicted on canvas girl – Vera Mamontova, the daughter of the well-known philanthropist, in whose house and visited by the artist. At the time of creation of the paintings the girl was only twelve years old. Captured on canvas the details of her image convey the nature of the child, and especially of the interior emphasize the atmosphere in which it grows. The picture nice to admire: her low-key calm colors give the feeling of clarity and peace.

“Girl with peaches” refers to the early period of creativity of V. A. Serov. If you look carefully at the picture, you can see that the surrounding space reflects the prevailing order in the house. And only a girl like you sat down at the table for a moment to strike a pose. Disheveled hair, flushed face – all these features say that life is a mystery you want to fathom. It seems that she at any moment can dart off and run to play on. On the child's face shows the ease and carelessness. She is holding a peach that is issued is so naturalistic that I want to eat it immediately. In fact, the great merit of the artist is to be able to show such a relaxed atmosphere, to discover the nature of the child, pleased with himself and the surrounding reality.

“Portrait of Maria Lopukhina”

the Author of this wonderful portrait – Vladimir Borovikovsky. He captured on canvas unfading beauty of a young woman. At the time of writing of the picture of Mary was only eighteen years old. When you look at this portrait, one gets the impression that the artist had intended to maintain her spiritual purity and undying grace. In fact, this picture is where the person shown on the inside. If you look closely, you can hear the author says without words: “Stay like this for as long as possible, not uwadi”. It is known that Maria Lopukhina lived only twenty-three years and died of consumption.

Young woman is depicted in a light and delicate dress. Exquisite features, pale and aristocracy read this mysterious look! No other picture with people not causing so much tender feelings! It is possible to look infinitely, each time admiring the intrinsic beauty.

“Mona Lisa”

the Description of the pictures to people would be incomplete without this amazing product. The Mona Lisa is called a true masterpiece of world painting. Lot of controversy and debate go near the "Mona Lisa". Someone she admires, while others avoided meeting her, feeling unspeakable rejection. In any case, she bewitches the audience, leaves an ambivalent feeling in the shower. Indeed, the picture is quite mixed, however, can leave no one indifferent. Smile “Mona Lisa" is the true mystery.

If you look at the long picture, it seems that you you see the eyes of a living person, with whom there is intimate conversation. The impression that she now speak, or will change the situation. Many of this picture frightens, forces to be in a state of prolonged torpor.

«Lady with an ermine”

Another creation of Leonardo da Vinci. Unsurpassed craftsmanship, which deserves special attention. The young woman holds in hands of a wild animal that is in captivity also poorly tamed. Such a contrast highlights the fact that the artist loved to experiment with subjects, creating unique and captivating images.

girl's Eyes aside-she looks at the viewer. Facial features accurately carved from white marble. Her whole appearance underlines an undeniable femininity.

in conclusion

Thus, pictures with people are always a reflection of the inner world of the artist. They emphasize the undeniable importance of each moment. We can admire them, coming in a gallery or hanging at home appropriate reproduction.