How to draw a cat of Leopold in different techniques?

we all remember the famous phrase from the movie “cat Leopold»: «Guys, let's live together.” Despite the fact that the cartoon is almost 50 years old, its still love. Children enjoy watching how mice try to spoil the life of the cat, but they have nothing. And parents are pleased that their child watches the show is not foreign, and domestic production. But when the child approaches the mother and asks the question, how to draw a cat of Leopold, the woman falls into a stupor. And really, how to do it? Let's face it.

Drawing by pencil

Before proceeding to creativity, you need to prepare the material. We need to begin with the Cathedral counterparts. To improve the child's memory, you can paint him with pictures-analog, and the images stored in my head. Previously, of course, need to see the cartoon about the cat Leopold. Remembering the looks of the main character, you can begin to work.
How to draw a cat Leopold a pencil? For a start, the proposed dimensions of the figure. To do this, draw an oval the size of a future cat. Now you need to mark all of the same geometric figure, the main part of the animal: head, torso, legs and arms. In this embodiment, the cat goes fishing, so he needs to immediately outline a fishing rod and bucket. Now the planned total silhouette, and then begin to work on our ovals, turning them alternately in the head, shirt, pants, etc. Oh, and the final touch-it detail. Draw eyes, hat, bowknot.

Coloring with colored pencils

After Leopold the cat is drawn, give it the color. The easiest way to do this – use colored pencils. According to the principle coloring, paint over every detail a different color. After the work is finished, it will look rather dull. Colored pencils, unlike paints and markers, dimmer. So, if you can't stand the brightness, so you need to views, was drawn technique. Therefore, even if the child is 6 years old, it is already possible to tell about the light and shadow. Even if your child will be able to use 3 shades of one color, the drawing will look more profitable.

Coloring colors

How to draw a cat of Leopold gouache? First you need to prepare a pencil sketch. Next are the same as in the picture with colored pencils. Painted separate parts of the animal in different colors. It is also advisable to remember about chiaroscuro. But the figure colors, in contrast to drawing pencils, there are a few features.
  • Gouache tends to lighten after drying. This should be considered mandatory. If the child is afraid to take rich color, you need to tell him that in the end the brightness a little will go.
  • always have to Start with the lightest part and the darkest finish. It's not just that kids are lazy and don't want to go 5 times to change the water. Professional artists look at the whole picture, and compare the lightest part darkest.

Coloring crayons

How to draw a cat of Leopold the pencil we already know, and how to give it an interesting color? Prong – use crayons. It is possible to paint them like crayons, and can be rubbed in the dust and to use for drawing on paper with dry brush. Young artists love this method. The image is bright, and the water from the paint does not need to change.