How to draw a dragon: step by step instructions

After a sensational in the Russian hire of a series of feature-length cartoons of the three heroes the dragon became one of the most beloved children's characters. To draw fairy-tale hero is not so difficult. Importantly, carefully follow the step-by-step instructions. How to draw a Snake dragon?

How to prepare the workplace

workplace young artist should be bright and comfortable. Make sure that the surface on which to draw, well lit and has a suitable area.
drawing Paper I can use regular office, A4 size, but you can buy special sheets of paper if the drawing is large, or thinking poster. To draw a dragon, pencil will need a set, where are the samples with different hardness of the lead. It can be purchased in any stationery store.
to draw a Snake dragon step by step, the whole process should be divided into drawing the heads of the hero, the detail in the torso and blending of light and shade on a sketch. Before the work is finally to determine the composition and to choose a place for the dragon on the sheet of paper.
tip: a beginner artist need to find a suitable image and print as an example. Even the great masters of fine art began his career with copying masterpieces.

How to draw a dragon: the head

Start drawing better with a schematic outline and General dimensions of the character. In the image below, the torso and the head of the dragon is represented as a set of elementary geometrical figures. At intermediate stages it is better to use a hard pencil and it is easy to mark lines.

Next, you should move on to drawing the head of the Serpent. Although each head of a character in the story has their opinions and character, style of performance, all three must be United. In fact, the artist draws the same header but with different angles.

Start with Central head. Special attention should be paid to the details: protruding fangs, thick eyebrows and wrinkles around the eyes. Such, at first glance, the small accents bring the drawing to the original.

Next head should match in size and style. Start drawing with the eyes. Defining the focus of the view, it is easier to imagine and put on paper the orientation of the head in space.

once all parts are drawn, and the author decides that happy with the result, you can cut around the outline of more soft pencil and erase the auxiliary lines.

How to draw a dragon: the body and details

to figure the Snake looked harmoniously, should be to "round off" the sharp corners of the schematic sketch. Smooth and beautiful curves of the necks of the dragon needs to balance the massive trunk and tail in the lower part of the figure.

Most difficult step is drawing the dragon's clutches. It is very important to position the limbs of the serpent "naturally", the artist should try to replicate the pose in front of a mirror and try to move the position of the hands and fingers with the amendments to the "anatomy" of a monster.

Finishing the figure, need to do our best to bring it closer to intended image, but you should always remember about the Golden mean and that the "best is the enemy of good." In the process numerous fixes easily to ruin the sketch.

In any case, shouldn't be too hard on your own efforts, especially if this is the first experience of drawing slate pencil.

light and shadow

What would be neat, precise and beautiful pencil drawing, without areas of light and shadow he does not even reach the title of the sketch. In the image below, the dragon skillfully drawn, but the sketch is clearly not enough dynamics and drama.

in order to turn the pencil outline in the present sketch, the master should determine the location of the light source and at least a rough sketch of the shadow. To understand what places are outline should be darker, which to leave untouched, and where to put partial shade, the artist needs to imagine a ball on a flat surface and the lamp in the same way as the light source in the composition of the drawing.

For this stage of work it is better to take slate pencils softness TM and M Dimensions of the overlay of the strokes and shape-dependent part of the body of the dragon. The larger the part, the longer the bar top is the thinnest and should be touch. For example, it is possible to compare the area of the wings, necks and heads of the snake in the image above.