How to draw Ilya Muromets gradually pencil

Fairy-tale characters inspire children. Girls want to be as beautiful as Vasilisa the Beautiful, and the boys are doing their idols heroes: Alyosha Popovich, Dobrynya Nikitich and Ilya Muromets. Here are the latest fairy-tale character we will now discuss. As it depicted the Patriotic cartoon Studio “Mill”, we know that today and try by analogy to draw Ilya Muromets. How to do it, read below.

Training materials

How to draw Ilya Muromets? First you need to figure out what are we going to paint it. It is clear that with a pencil, but they are so different. We need three things: a solid – for a sketch hard-soft – for the main draw and mild to complete. But pencils – this is not all. To draw an illustration, we need to choose the right paper. In stationery stores today, a huge selection, you can find the leaves with the texture of under linen, leather, wood. But we need ordinary drawing paper. Why? Yes, because of the textured paper designed for drawing with paint, mostly with watercolors, or soft material. Pencil drawing on it looks bad, especially if it was made on a small format. And finally, what we can learn from, – eraser. It is impossible to save, as cheap types don't erase the pencil, and throw the dirt.

Draw sketch

How to draw Ilya Muromets with a pencil? The first thing we need – a sketch. Artists call it the sketch. This is the first stage of work on the Ilya Muromets. How to draw the figure? To start it must be compound. See that Hercules was placed on the sheet is not strictly in the middle, and a little higher. Bottom always need to leave a space slightly larger than the top. Outlined size, now denoted by the circle head. It must fit into the figure 6 times. A normal human body proportions are a little different, but we draw the Ilya Muromets. How to draw shoulders? Again, you need to measure how much time they “stacked” head. It turns 4 times. Outlined shoulders, now on to painting the legs. Head to fit 1.5 times. This stage further detail is not required. Now that we have all the proportions, you have to correctly connect lines according to the already scheduled points.

Begin to build

How to draw a picture Ilya Muromets is, like the character from the movie? What should be the next steps? After the sketch, proceed to the details clarification and, of course, start with the head. You need to properly draw it, but rather, to build. We already have the oval, so inside it we need to draw a circle. This will be the front part. Held in the circle axis. Now draw the eyes. To make it easier to draw the head in ¾. From emerging artists rarely get to draw two eyes the same. His eyes, now draw a curved strip of nose. Under it immediately planned a mustache, jawline and beard. Do not forget to represent eyebrows. The face is ready, now on to the hair. Planned ears, they are on the same line with the nose. When drawing hair you need to be careful, Ilya Muromets has bangs.

When the head is ready, proceed to the figure. Draw the shirt and boots.

Complete the build

the Figure we have now left the finishing touches. We need to work through minor and clarifying details. For example, the hero would look unrealistic, unless he folds on the shirt. But the sheath will be too simple, if you don't apply any pattern. It is also necessary to detail the belt. At this stage you can also draw the folds of the elbows. Well, the final touch – the study of hair heroes.


to give the picture volume, you need to work with shading to darken the folds in the shirt, put a shadow on the face and give volume to the sword. Line touches should go on the figure or object. No need to dilute the mud and smear the pencil from side to side. Slight movements in one direction are paving the strokes. At the end of the process, definitely need to go with a soft pencil silhouette. Then the hero will gain a clear boundary that had to be lubricated during the work on the drawing.
If you yourself do not want to bother, you need at least different colors to convey the garments. For example, boots and belt to make the black, grey sword, and the sleeves should be a little hard to walk with a pencil.

Other versions

How to draw Ilya Muromets on a horse? It is necessary to repeat all actions in the same sequence, only to draw another story. To facilitate the work you can copy with a stop-frame cartoon. You can think of more interesting story - Ilya Muromets fights, or even to dream as he flies on a dragon. Shading to every situation should be chosen separately. If we picture the scene of the battle, you need to focus on the main character Ilya Muromets on a horse. How to draw a character so that he stood out from the mass of other figures? Well, of course, put it to the forefront and make a few shades darker than the surroundings.