The sculpture "Ali and Nino": the inspiring and tragic love story

In the seaside city of Batumi is located a huge statue, which indicates true love. The history of the sculpture “Ali and Nino" known to every resident of Georgia and all the guests of the city. For the sake of spectacle personified history in Batumi attracts thousands of tourists to at least once to see the incredible and amazing sculpture.[br]

love Story

In 1937 was published a novel that won the hearts of millions. A tragic story can cause rapture or joy, tears and frustration. It is a novel about the lovers ' hearts who have been through thorny path in order to be together. In it the main characters of Ali and Nino. For religious reasons the couple couldn't be together, because the guy was a Muslim and the girl is a Christian. The lives of young people is described in the colors: they had to endure the revolution and civil war, to witness the formation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
novel describes in detail the beauty, nature and life of Dagestan, Azerbaijan, Persia, and Tiflis. Despite the fact that most of the events happened in Baku, the famous sculpture “Ali and Nino" was erected in Batumi (Georgia).


This is a very unusual sculpture, because it is in constant motion. For this reason, many called this a miracle installation. The Creator and author of symbol of the southern Republic is Tamara Kvesitadze. The main task of the architect is to recreate all the experiences and difficulties of young people in the famous story.
Sculpture of love “Ali and Nino" of up to eight meters in height, consists of two separate pieces. You will realize that each statue represents. If you look closely, you can see how the integrity of the figures is broken and there are gaps. But this is no accident, because this innovative solution is the essence of the installation.
If you manage to visit in Batumi, visit the famous sculpture “Ali and Nino". Please note that for a beautiful sight, the city government runs the installation in motion at 19:00 each evening. Passing by, stop and simply remember the tragic story of men and women who fought to the last for their happiness.

What is so amazing installation

Sculpture “Ali and Nino" in Batumi is a continuous movement of huge buildings. To discover the essence of the installation, you need to spend 10 minutes of your life and enjoy the beautiful sight. You'll see two statues slowly approaching each other, gradually connecting in a whole, and then diverge in different directions.

Tamara Kvesitadze was able to convey the tragedy, because Ali and Nino for love always snuck around, but with everlasting difficulties they were scattered in different directions. Surprisingly, heavy, but inspiring story ended well, and young people could marry.

look the part

the installation video seems so big that it almost reaches the roof of a multistory building. In fact, the sculpture “Ali and Nino" does not exceed ten meters (with stand). In the opinion of tourists, we can say that even the small size of the installation is a delight and a surprise. The lesson here is simple: the lovers need to take a long way to stealthily get to embrace halves. It about halves and it is, after all, two figures pass through each other, literally merging into one.
  • This installation is so gorgeous that it makes you want to get acquainted with the famous novel.
  • Moving the figures very slowly and pass through each other for 10-15 minutes while they make a circle.
  • the Sculpture is fascinating, it is impossible to look away. All the time you spend near the podium, you start to remember their love story. In such moments you can capture the creepy.
  • Watch the human creation is recommended in the evening or night, as it includes beautiful lighting.
Look at the photos and see for yourself: Tamara Kvesitadze has recreated a wonderful installation that will amaze for years to come.

travel options

You need to get to waterfront square on Rustaveli Avenue and turn into the street Gogebashvili. After circular intersection you will see a huge area, with views of the Batumi lighthouse, the majestic KEMPINSKI hotel and the Ferris wheel. When you get to the waterfront, use our guidelines. You will find the famous installation just 100 metres from the Ferris wheel.
tip: prior to 2010, the famous statue was called "the Lovers" and on the map it is indicated as a metal sculpture "LOVE". More recently, however, it is dubbed as the famous sculpture “Ali and Nino". The description provided above will help you to easily find your way to an unforgettable installation.
We are confident that the work of art will inspire you. But don't be disappointed if the figures seem small. Just wait for darkness and enjoy the spectacle at the seaside Batumi.