Aphorisms and quotes about art and culture

Even the ancient philosophers admired human ability to create. Some thought her a gift from God. Others this feature seemed to be a curse. Not only was indifferent.
What about this think yourself a creative person? The deal will help sayings and quotes about art, in which a great people once expressed his opinion.

Creativity and the universe

the Modern pace of life leaves a person quite a bit of time to enjoy the beauty of the world. Sometimes the only real creators are able to distract people from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to draw their attention to the true value and make you think about eternity. This topic is dedicated to many great quotes about art.
  • the Art given to us in order not to die from the truth. the (Friedrich Nietzsche).
  • Creativity – the tree of life. Science – the tree of death. the (William Blake).
  • the Creativity of people – mirror of their mind. the (Jawaharlal Nehru).
  • the Purpose of art is not a representation of the outward appearance of things, and the revelation of their internal meaning. the (Aristotle).
  • Space – is the breath of art. (Frank Lloyd Wright).
  • This world is just a canvas to our imagination. the (Henry David Thoreau).
  • Nothing is art if it is not derived from nature. (Antonio Gaudi).
  • Creativity — quite a feat, and the feat requires sacrifice. the (Vasily Kachalov).
  • a True work of art – this is only a shadow of the divine perfection. the (Michelangelo).

About the role of painting

True artists always have something to say to the world. From the depths of their consciousness they are the light of the original thoughts that amaze, delight and inspire others, once again reminding about the creative potential inherent in every person.
bring some quotes by artists about art, which can arouse the interest of the reader.
  • Painting recreates not what we see. Rather, it forces us to see. the (Paul Klee).
  • Art – a collaboration of God and artist. And the less the artist the better. the (James Whistler).
  • Painting – honesty in art. There is no possibility of deception. It is either good or bad. the (Salvador Dali).
  • Painting easy for someone who knows nothing. For knowledgeable, things are different. the (Edgar Degas).
  • the Artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision. the (James Whistler).
  • Visual art – it is knowledge. a (Gustave Courbet).
  • art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. (Pablo Picasso).
  • I don't think about art when I work. At this point, I try to think about life. the (Jean-Michel Basquiat).
  • If I could Express everything in words, you would not have a reason to draw. the (Edward Hopper).
  • Every picture – it is a journey to the sacred harbour. the (Giotto di Bondone).
  • where the soul does not work with master hand, no art. the (Leonardo da Vinci).

Quotes great painters on art and yourself

  • Painting is an infinitely small part of my personality. the (Salvador Dali).
  • All discuss my art and pretend to understand. If it needs to be understood. But simply to love. the (Claude Monet).
  • Painting – this disclosure, expression and passion. The struggle of the black charcoal with a white sheet of paper. the (Gunther Runs).
  • Art should be an expression of love or it is not worth anything. (Marc Chagall).
  • Color is my daily obsession, joy and torment. the (Claude Monet).
  • it is Important to Express themselves in painting. Provided that the feelings are real and taken from my own experience. the (Berthe Morisot).
  • People always say that time changes things, but actually we have to change them yourself. (Andy Warhol).
  • I feel alive only in those moments when I draw. the (Vincent van Gogh).

About the role of music

it is believed that the music – the voice of the Universe. It is not surprising that the human ability to write is one of the most beautiful and inexplicable.
  • Without music life would be a mistake. the (Friedrich Nietzsche).
  • Where fail words, music speaks. (GANS Christian Andersen).
  • Music touches us emotionally where I can't no words. (Johnny Depp).
  • Music shows us that the human race is something more than we can understand. the (Napoleon Bonaparte).
  • the Only truth – is music. the (Jack Kerouac).
  • After a silence the closest thing to expression the inexpressible is music. (Aldous Huxley).
  • Music – the Supreme revelation. Higher than all wisdom and philosophy. the (Ludwig van Beethoven).

Writers about the art

No less remarkable is the writer's art. Aphorisms, quotes and sayings of famous authors - a clear confirmation.
  • If you ask me what I did in this world, I will answer: I am an artist and I'm here to live out loud. the (Emile Zola).
  • Each piece of the writer should be the expression of an adventure of his soul. the (W. Somerset Maugham).
  • Art is the most vivid way to Express individuality. the (Oscar Wilde).
  • Everyone – the artist. The dream of my life – to make art more beautiful. the (don Miguel Ruiz).
  • the Main feature in any other art – the sense of proportion. (Leo Tolstoy).
  • a Work of art is the unique result of a unique personality. the (Oscar Wilde).
  • the Artist aims to bring light into the human heart. the (George sand).
  • to see your face, people use a mirror. And to look into his soul – are works of art. the (George Bernard Shaw).
  • Pattern   is a poem without words. the (Horace).
  • In the talented hands anything can be an instrument to perfect. the (Nikolai Gogol).

Quotes about culture and art

About the critical role of art in society was said by many outstanding minds of mankind. This issue is devoted to the works of writers, philosophers, scientists and public figures. There are differences of opinion, which, in fact, reduced to a common conclusion: without the ability to see the beauty and create the person will lose its essence. We offer the reader quotes about the art and also sayings of great men:
  • Art is the daughter of freedom. the (Friedrich Schiller).
  • My imagination can't create a picture more full of happiness than to continue living for the sake of creativity. (Clara Schumann).
  • Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. the (Victor Pinchuk).
  • the skill of the writer lies in discovering what the reader believes. the (Gustave Flaubert).
  • Creativity allows itself to error. Art knows which ones to keep. the (Scott Adams).
  • Culture – the only thing left if the rest is forgotten. (Edouard Herriot).
  • Creativity is the only way to run away without leaving home. the (Twyla Tharp).
  • Culture – art, raised to a variety of beliefs. the (Thomas Wolfe).
  • Beautiful body perishes, but if it is always recreated on canvas by the artist. the (Leonardo da Vinci).
  • For me, creativity – opportunity to give people a way to take a different view on the world. the (Maya Lin).
  • Art is the engine of culture. (Nicholas Roerich).

Creativity and progress

the Following quotes about art and its close connection with the science also show a significant role of the creative component in the development of human society.
  • Without tradition art is a herd of sheep without a shepherd. Without innovation – the body. the (Winston Churchill).
  • the Human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art. the (Leonardo da Vinci).
  • the Wall between art and technology exist only in our minds. the (Theo Jansen).
  • Art challenges progress. Progress inspires art. (John Lasseter).
  • After reaching a certain technological level of science tends to merge with the art. All the greatest scientists – artists. (albert Einstein).

Architecture – music, carved in stone

Creativity is all around us. Architecture is one of its oldest areas. And though a few quotes about art, embodied in the stone, the more interesting they are.
  • Modern architecture is the art of filling space. the (Philip Johnson).
  • Architecture – visual arts, where the buildings speak for themselves. (Julia Morgan).
  • Architecture & ndash; living sculpture. (Constantin Brancusi).
  • Architecture – the pursuit of truth. (Louis Kahn).
  • Life & ndash; is architecture, and architecture – mirror of life. the (Yu Ming Pey).
  • Any work of architecture which does not Express serenity is a mistake. (Luis Barragan).