How to draw a river: advice to young artists

Every person who ever tried to draw a landscape, a component of which was water, knows how hard it is to do. River, lake and even a puddle, all is drawn on the same principle. The main thing is to do the work step by step. Only through daily work you can achieve good results in any business. In this article, we'll look at how to draw a river for the beginner.

Preparatory work

Any creative activity starts with an idea and inspiration. To get them, or you need to go out into nature and look at the scenery, or to find beautiful pictures on the Internet. It is worth noting the fact that electronic analogue to draw is much easier than directly from nature. Because the photos already have the layout of the objects and caught the light. But it is worth noting that if you all the time to draw from pictures, draw from life you will not learn. So for the novice painter will be the best version of yourself to go into nature and photograph any landscapes. In our case the center of the composition must be the river. The most beautiful pictures are at sunset or sunrise, but in the middle of the day you can catch a great shot.

Sketch the future landscape

Acquainted with the nature, you can begin to drawing. How to draw the river in stages? To begin with the sketch.

First thing you need to do the layout. River – a large body of water, and all of it in landscape will not fit. You need to determine where it will flow, and where to go. Even if you draw calm weather, you need to understand in which direction the river flows. After the layout is completed and all the parts of the designed landscape, you can begin to work. How to draw a river at the initial stage? Outline it is necessary only touches. Should not immediately draw the waves, is enough of borders of water area. Other details will be finalized in the future.

a Graphic image

How to draw a river with pencil? When the sketch is ready, you can proceed to shading. The water in the graphics should be drawn due to the play of light and shadow. So first you need to lay on the water surface of streams. Then you need to dim each individual flow at the base, and in the center to leave a natural looking catch light.

the Most realistic water surface so, if the artist removes the strokes. The river is not visible to the eye navigation. Therefore, after the scattered black and white pieces are shaded, we need to go through them cotton. to Press hard on it is not necessary, so there is a high probability that you will get the dirt. How to draw a river, if you do not have wool? In this case, RUB the strokes you need with your fingertips. Tap need to go for water. The final stage will be drawing natural boundaries.

Drawing watercolor

Painting is a complex art. A watercolor is one of the most difficult techniques, but despite this, all the people who wonder how to draw a river, you should learn what watercolor techniques. Since, mastered the most difficult art, more lightweight methods such as acrylic or oil, will not be difficult to master. The first thing to figure you need to pour the river in the foreground color. Depending on lighting it can be blue, green or purple. Next we need to enter strokes of different shades. Water is always glare. Even if you draw gloomy weather, still on the surface you need to leave a few white spots. The banks of the river will be darker, as this part of the water is in the shade. This place can be used not only dark blue paint, but also to introduce green, brown and ochre shades. Once the river is drawn, allow the picture to dry and draw the details.

It may be a trickle current, which can be seen from the shore or a shoal of fish swimming past, and maybe leaves if the landscape was autumn. Thanks to small details you will receive a unique landscape. Practice at least once a week, and you all must succeed.