The influence of art on man: arguments. Examples from life and literature

<span>Every person is aware that medicine and education have strong influence. We are directly dependent on these areas. But few will accept the idea that equally important is the impact of art. Nevertheless it is so. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of art in our lives.</span>

What is art?

<span>There are many definitions in various dictionaries. Somewhere write that art is a way (or process) that expresses the artist's view of the world. Sometimes people can't Express in words what he can draw. </span>
<span>another interpretation is the process of creativity, of creating something. The implementation needs to make the world a little more beautiful. </span>
<span>art – it is a way of understanding the world. For example, for a child who, drawing or singing songs, memorize new words. </span>
<span>on the other hand, is a social process of human interaction with society and with himself. This concept is so polysemous that it is impossible to say which part of our lives it is present, and what not. Consider the arguments: the impact of art on human noticeable in the spiritual sphere of our life. It was under his influence formed what we call morals and upbringing.</span>

the arts and its impact on human life

<span>What first comes to mind? Painting? Music? Ballet? All of this is art, then photography, circus, decorative and applied art, sculpture, architecture, stage and theatre. The list can be replenished. With each passing decade, genres evolve and emerge as humanity does not stand still. </span>
<span>Here's one argument: the impact of art on human life is expressed in love of fairy tales. One of the most influential types – it is literature. Reading surrounds us from childhood. When we all the crumbs and mom reading us stories. Girls and boys vaccinated the rules of behavior and mindset on the example of fairy tale heroines and heroes. In fairy tales we learn what is good and what is bad. At the end of these works have a moral that teaches us how to do things. </span>
<span>In school and University we read the compulsory works of classical authors, which contain more complex thoughts. Here the characters make us think and ask yourself questions. Every art form has its own purpose, they are very diverse.</span>

the function of the arts: optional arguments

<span>the Influence of art on people extensively, it has various functions and objectives. One of the main goals of the educational. </span><span>the moral at the end of the tale. The obvious aesthetic function: art beautiful and develop the taste. Close to this hedonistic function is to bring pleasure. Some literary works are often predictive function, remember the Strugatsky brothers and their fantastic novels. Another very important function-compensatory. From the word «compensation», when art replaces reality us the basic. Often here we are talking about emotional traumas or life difficulties. When we turn on your favorite music, to forget, or going to the movies to be distracted from unpleasant thoughts.</span>
<span> Or a different argument - the influence of art on people through music. Hearing symbolic for the song itself, someone might decide to take significant action. If you move away from the academic value, the influence of art on human life is very great. It gives inspiration. When the person at the exhibition saw a beautiful picture, came home and began to draw. </span>
<span>let's Consider another argument: the influence of art on people is seen in how actively developing hand-made. People are not just imbued with the sense of beauty, but also with their hands ready to create masterpieces. Different areas of body art and tattoos – the desire to create a work of art on my skin.</span>

Art around us

<span>the Thought of someone making out my apartment and thinking through the design of that at the moment you can see the influence of art on you? Creation of furniture or accessories – part arts and crafts. The selection of colors, harmonious forms and ergonomics of the space - this is exactly what study designers. Or another example: you're at the store, picking out a dress, gave the preference to that which is properly tailored and thought out by the designer. While the fashion house will not pogromnacht trying to influence your choice of brilliant commercials. </span><span>Video – also a piece of art. <span>That is, despite advertising, we are also under his influence. </span></span>This is also the argument that the influence of true art on a person however is revealed in the higher spheres. Consider them as well.

the Influence of art on man: arguments from the literature

<span>boundless Literature affects us. Remember, as in the brilliant works of Leo Tolstoy "War and peace” Natasha Rostova sang for my brother and heal him from despair. </span>
<span>Another exquisite example of how painting can save a life, described by O. Henry in the story “the Last leaf". Sick girl decided that will die when the last fall leaf ivy outside the window. She didn't wait for his last day as a leaf was painted on the wall by the artist. </span>
<span>Another example of the influence of art on people (the arguments from the literature is very revealing) is the protagonist of the works of ray Bradbury “Smile”, which saves the picture with JohnDoe, believing in its great importance. Bradbury wrote a lot about the power of creativity, he argued that, just reading books, people will become educated. </span>
<span>the Image of a child with a book in hand haunts of many artists, in particular, there are several wonderful paintings under the same name "Boy book".</span>

the Right influence

<span>Like any effect, art can also be negative and positive. Some modern works are depressing, do not carry a large aestheticism. Not all movies teach good. Especially careful to monitor the content that affects our children. The correct selection of the things around us, movies, music and even clothing will provide us good mood and inculcate the right taste.</span>