How to draw Stitch? The cartoon "Lilo and Stitch"

Many fans of the series wondering about how to draw Stitch from the cartoon. It's quite simple. However, to get a beautiful figure, the process have to be split into several stages, which is quite logical. You will need to create a small number of items.

what is a Stitch? The definition of a hero

Stitch – cartoon character “Lilo & Stitch”. Lilo – is a girl who meets an extraterrestrial creature. Original Stitch-negative character. He's aggressive. His behavior frightened his cruelty, and the inhabitants of the planet Earth it is clearly not the best opinion.
However, his friendship with a girl changes his Outlook. He becomes kinder, learning to survive, but also understands that such sympathy. How to draw Lilo and Stitch? Considering that Lilo – just a normal girl, though with its peculiarities of appearance, the problem can only occur with the portrayal of alien beings. However, since it is easy to handle.
it is Worth noting that the hero has a temper, so his pose for many pictures aggressive. He is either attacking or preparing to defend. This explains the not so big number of poses for drawing Stitch from the animated series.

First steps drawing. How to draw Stitch?

to create a figure with the hero, you will need:
  • a pencil;
  • eraser;
  • colored pencils.
How to draw Stitch in stages? Best to start with the head, as it is a character large enough. First and foremost, it is necessary to designate an elongated oval stretched horizontally. This is the head of the creature. Then draw circles of the eyes almost on the sides of the oval. It is noteworthy that they should be slightly out at the top of the head.
Then you can proceed to the nose. Here everything is simple. How to draw Stitch, or rather, his nose? It's just an oval! It should be marked the nostrils positioned on the edge. The nostrils of the hero wide, but smooth. So you should try to paint them very carefully.
Smiling at the alien's wide, occupies the entire lower part of the oval, depicting the head of a character. How to draw Stitch with a pencil in stages? After the face is almost finished, add the ears. And they have a hero like mugs. A very interesting form.

the Body of a hero. The last step

How to draw Stitch, when his face is almost ready? It remains the case. It is another oval, but elongated on the vertical. Join and legs. The top – uneven. They end up with three thick fingers.
Legs of the hero something like the feet of a bear. They are located on either side of the oval body. It should be noted that the fingers of the hero splayed widely, that is divorced. While the hand is usually bent at the elbows. It is customary for the character position.

After drawing the basics you should pay attention to the little things. How to draw Stitch with a pencil to make it look like? Don't forget the details! So you should add sharp teeth, the tongue and the tufts on the head. All this will create a nice, albeit hot-tempered alien. In conclusion, it should erase all the rough marks with an eraser and color character.