Petal - what is it, description of equipment and features

currently, chemists and technicians could find an alternative – to create a material, its characteristics and external data in no way inferior to the real gold used in decorative art! Meet petal.


What is the Potala? This material (varieties will be discussed later), which is successfully used in the decorative plating of surfaces – huge and small, smooth and not. It helps to create an imitation of gold, silver or bronze coatings on various surfaces.
it is Also known that petal — a truly modern simulator gold foil. It is in the form of thin leaves or strips of gold color (like foil), an alloy of copper and zinc, and is a liquid.

As noted above, this material is not only gold color, but silver and bronze.
Petal is for creative finishing of surfaces of articles of wood, ceramics, glass, cardboard, bone, ferrous metal, gypsum and others.

varieties of gilding

1. the Liquid gold leaf is a chrome paint with a metallic Shine. It consists of paints, pigments and solvents.
Some artists might not consider this variety to the material “design”, calling it an imitation of gilding. But still it is the same as a leaf, creates a nice smooth surface Golden (silver or bronze) color.
It has a pungent odor.
2. the Petal leaf – a very common and more convenient type of material. And the most commonly used!
Especially good then leaf petal when you need to cover a very large surface.
As a rule, is produced and supplied to the consumer in the form of so-called books 14x14 or 16x16 inches. In one book of 25 leaves and each leaf is separated by a thin parchment paper.
There also color gold, silver, copper.
3. the Petal “baby” slightly loose material. Successfully applied in the coating of imperfectly smooth surface. For example, it may be the rims, the lines with masking technique.
And the chips can be of different shades or colors, which contributes to interesting decorative decisions in the process of its application.
4. the coil design – made in rolls with a length of about 50 meters and a width of 1-15 cm. Is used when you need to cover the seams and joints, or a very smooth surface.
5. the Transfer gold leaf – very economical in its application. Each leaf printed on thin paper, film, tracing paper. And it can be used many times-up until will not be used all of the material located on the surface of this film.

Sequence to use

the Technology of drawing gilding has its own characteristics, but in General, everything is quite simple and clear.
1. the Leaf and gold leaf. the Material applied to previously degreased, coated with a primer surface.
Also, before to apply gold leaf, you must treat the surface with special glue (water-or oil-based) or milk for gilding. If you have applied a water-based adhesive, the surface is ready to spray her directly to the most sweat after 15-20 minutes. If the adhesive is oil-based, it will have to wait about 12 hours.

Next, take sheet of sweat, and transferred to already prepared for her the surface and leveled with a thin cloth to remove all wrinkles and air layers.
to gold-plated surface retains its Shine and freshness as long as possible, it is necessary to apply special shellac varnish or any other varnish used to protect the surface from mechanical damage.
2. the Liquid gold leaf. Applied, usually on a metal surface, glass, wood, plastic, plaster, ceramics. The material has a sufficiently thick uniform density, is not oxidized, a relatively high degree of water resistance.
Application of gilding, it is recommended to implement a flat brush or sponge foam.
Surface that will be painted, necessarily cleaned and degreased.

Capacity of paint before applying, gently shake.
As a rule, lays down gold leaf in several layers. But it is important to remember that each successive layer is applied only on well dried up previous! On average, petal dries day.
you Can apply airbrush – such a special atomizer for liquid gilding. Then coat dries in 1-2 hours. This option is certainly more suitable if work must be performed promptly.


Liquid petal is designed to restore the color gold (silver, bronze) coatings on objects. This kind of material is quite easy to use and has a relatively low cost compared to a sheet or roll of a petal.
Leaf and gold leaf is used for design and creativity. It can perfectly used in interior design and in the processing dishes, and other creative and decorative works (e.g. decoupage).

And another sheet (mirror) petal - this is a very good substitute for gold leaf or silver. Apply it as easily as the present gold leaf. the result is a perfect mirror surface.

wizard with the use of gilding

this section will describe the gradual implementation of specific work with gold leaf – wooden hangers for the hallway. Apply here two techniques of decorative art: decoupage and painted with gold leaf.

Materials: piece of wood in the form of pine boards the size of 40х25 inches, round medallion with a diameter of 10 cm, hooks for hangers, petal “baby” (the colors of gold and silver), glue for gilding, water-based, cloth and print for decoupage glue for this technique, the primer is white, the contour of the acrylic to the glass surface.
Creative work begins with sanding paper slightly rubbed the surface of a wooden Board until smooth. Then without priming, using the technique of decoupage is glued with a special napkin, or rather its fragment with any pattern. After drying again with a grinding paper surface is rubbed until perfectly smooth.
Round medallion, primed, then dried and also sandpaper overwritten. On its surface apply the adhesive for the gilding, after it dries - and the gold leaf in silver. After drying, the surface is again polished.
using a stencil on a medallion are depicted the contour lines of the bird and branches. Then they applied glue to the gilding and the material itself – now a Golden color.
In the end, the medallion is covered with several layers of lacquer.
Meanwhile, work continues on wooden base for a hanger. With a toothpick (pre-wetted with glue for gilding) specifies the pattern of birds, branches, stems, and so on. All these motives are covered with gold leaf.
After drying, the rack is covered with varnish. The medallion is fixed and screwed hooks.
Who would have thought that such a design can create a real miracle - so decorating job!


the Price of sweat liquid: capacity 50 ml - 450 rubles, 100 ml - 520 rubles.
In rolls – from 370 rubles to 4500 rubles per roll – depending on its width, length and manufacturer.

There are many suppliers of this material, both in Russia and in Germany. For every taste.


still, material benefits are obvious! Due to the fact that the petal - such an interesting and inexpensive material, the restorers have a wonderful opportunity to transform vintage treasures: icons, paintings, frescoes, sculptures. And thus, keep left to us a heritage from distant ancestors. And petal to the masters allows you to create new masterpieces!