Drawing symmetrical objects of the correct form

If you have a minute to think and imagine in your mind any object, in 99% of cases a figure that came to mind would be the correct form. Only 1% of people, or rather their imagination, draw an intricate object that looks wrong or disproportionate. It is rather the exception to the rule and refers to unconventional thinking personalities with a unique view on things. But getting back to the absolute majority, is to say that a significant proportion of correct items still prevails. In the article we speak only about them, namely, the symmetrical drawing thereof.

Image to the correct items: only few steps to complete the picture

Before you start drawing a symmetrical object, you need to select. In this embodiment, it will be a vase, but even if she does not like anything has decided to represent you, do not despair: all the steps are absolutely identical. Follow the sequence and everything will work:
  • all items of the correct form is the so-called Central axis, which is symmetrical when you draw certainly stands out. To do this, you can even use your ruler and hold in the center of the album leaf in a straight line.
  • Next, take a close look at your chosen object and try to move it the proportions on a sheet of paper. To make it easy, if both sides held in advance of the line, to identify light touches that would later become the outline drawing of the subject. In the case of the vase it is necessary to highlight the neck, the bottom and the widest part of the hull.
  • do Not forget that symmetrical drawing does not tolerate inaccuracies, so if there is some doubt as to the intended touches, or you are unsure of your own eye, pending recheck the distance with a ruler.
  • Last step is to connect all lines together.

symmetry painting available for computer users

due To the fact that most of the objects surrounding us have the right proportions, in other words symmetrical, the developers of computer applications has created a program in which you can easily draw everything. You only have to download them and enjoy the creative process. But remember, the car will never be a replacement sharpened pencil and landscape sheet.