Dautremer Rebecca (Rebecca Dautremer) - Illustrator of children's books: biography, creativity

the Importance of illustrations in children's book is difficult to overestimate: they develop their imagination, sense of beauty, improve mood children and adults. The first acquaintance with the world of literature happens on the day when a child first opens a children's book and begins to delve into the world of fantasy and fairy tales. This is a very important point that can determine in the future, there will be little interested in literature or not. Children's attention immediately finds in the book of symbols, and therefore they must be the embodiment of goodness, beauty and happiness.
Today we will talk about such a talented artist who creates magic on the pages of books - Rebecca Dautremer (Rebecca Dautremer), one of the most famous contemporary illustrators of France.

Getting the path

Rebecca was born in 1971, in the small town of Gap on the slope of the French Alps. Not to say that the artist from childhood showed an interest in brushes and paints. By her own admission, Rebecca began studying fine art for children's books almost by accident.
dreams become a schedule, a Frenchwoman enters the High school of decorative arts. As a simple student, Rebecca Dautremer in search of jobs arranged in the publishing house Gautier-Languereau, where at that time need of specialists for creative books, coloring books, decals and stickers. There was nothing to do, want to eat and students. Only years later the artist realized that this was her calling.

career. Equipment

Start, which began so suddenly, gave the opportunity to the talent of Rebecca to flourish, as in the pages of books and in life. The artist herself said that she just got lucky with publishers, but the truth is that the uniqueness of the French not to occupy. Rebecca Dautremer works with gouache on watercolor paper to achieve the blurred smooth lines. Light gentle brushstrokes create the illusion of 3D, bright saturated colors deeply immersed in the image. Above each picture the Illustrator works very carefully and with all your soul, turning for inspiration to the family, photos, art and music.

Artist attaches great importance to the philosophical to the original story, avoiding the disney templates and frames. Her art is deeply touched even the most jaded critic. On account of its 30 years of artistic career. At the moment, the artist is not only an Illustrator of children's books, she writes books, creates graphic masterpieces for advertising (for example, for a given series of Kenzo) and continues to improve their talents.


Biography of Rebecca Dautremer how this artist started in 2003 when she received a Commission to illustrate the book “Princess unknown and forgotten”. In fairness, it should be noted that the artist agreed without much pleasure. However, once started, the French immediately began to actively cooperate with the author of the book, creating a wonderful creative tandem.
On each page of the book - the touching story of the Princess, her experiences, becoming a way of life, habits and, of course, the portrait. All paintings are made in the same style and capture the mood of the character very subtly. The very premise of the book is fascinating, original, different from everything that is now creating Western civilization. The response was fantastic: within a week after the issue of the circulation of all the books of the stores sold out!

Alice in Wonderland

His work on “Alice in Wonderland” Rebecca Dautremer beginning in 2010. From that moment began a new stage of creativity of the artist. Before starting work, in recognition of the artist, to read Lewis Carroll she was not blessed with, and experience of the work spoiled the disney cartoon about the adventures of curious and naughty girls. Illustrator for a long time wondered how should look like the main character in her stories, and only after a while, finding the right way, beginning to create. But from that moment the work went like clockwork.
dark-Haired haired Alice wowed the audience. Many decided that Rebecca has painted a self-portrait, passing the character their feelings and experiences. Anyway, gentlemen, may be, and prefer blondes, but a talented artist saw the classic story in their own way and it has paid off: the book was truly magical!


the Artist worked not only on enduring monuments of literature. Tandem with her husband – a modern writer mark Ty Le Tang – paid off. The family has chosen for their creative project play "Cyrano de Bergerac". Husband adapted the text, and the spouse has fulfilled its main task - illustrated book.
it Should be noted that the text of the writing appears sarcastic and funny, but the illustrations Rebecca Dautremer has retained its philosophical overtones, and even some gloom. Such an artistic technique gave the book unique: an old story sparkle with new colors from the palette of the French talent.


In 2011, the artist acted as the art Director of the cartoon called Kerity la maison des Contes (“Kerity dwelling of fairy tales”). The cartoon was very graceful and kind. Delicate colors and cute characters will not leave indifferent neither young nor adults. At the moment, the family creative Union is working on a new cartoon that should please fans. This direction is new for the artist, however talented Rebecca will soon give children a lot of interesting new stories.

Le petit thé&goiânia;tre de Rébecca

After an attempt to go beyond the role of a children's book Illustrator (and, I must say, successfully) in 2011, the artist released his “Little theatre Rebecca”. Work has become the quintessential art of the French women and brought her a resounding success.
Book is a small representation: characters cut from the smallest detail that can be put on each other, creating their fairy tale. All the characters Rebecca drew itself, they are collected in one book. Alice, Boy-with-finger, Cyrano, Baba Yaga - all the company assembled. Each page – the stage and house for a particular character, with its own history, thoughts, feelings and charm.
anyone who opens the book, will become a Director of a theatrical performance (that someone should be not less than five years) - the tale begins to come alive in the eyes of the reader.

This creativity develops the imagination, abstract thinking and instills a love for books from a very early age. This is a great entertainment for a good family night. And what could be better in these troubled times?

Baby pictures or art?

Many accuse Rebecca in excessive darkness and then they were. Others say that its activity can not be called high art. Perhaps illustrations of the artist in the Louvre is not yet hanging, but they forever dwell in the soul of a young reader. Opening the book with pictures of the artist, you find yourself in the unknown, magical, sincere, filled with light and feelings of peace. A world that deserved little explorers!
Parents, looking closely at her work, understand one thing: in the world of advertising and the hypocrisy of her pictures like a breath of fresh air. Her works are full of genuine sincerity and beauty. They are filled with deep philosophical meaning, sometimes bright sorrow, but always pure and gentle love to the world, to life itself. Rebecca was able to win the trust of many children and adults, becoming one of the most famous French artists of our time.