How to draw the smoke in different ways

to draw Realistic smoke – a hard task. Many beginning artists want their works were original, but don't want to go far from reality. How to draw a realistic smoke? It will be easy to do if you practice every day and work consistently.

Structure smoke

to paint any natural phenomenon, you need to understand how it happens. Wondering about how to draw smoke, you need to understand that the smoke is different, and depending on, whether it comes from cigarettes or a bonfire, it will be drawn in different ways. But the overall structure of the pattern will be the same.
  • Smoke clubs. Smokescreen looks like a cloud, but in fact it leaves the source by the clubs and then merges into a single stream. It is necessary to consider always.
  • the Smoke comes from a source in a thin stream and expands its distribution. Never smoke will not have its source intense. Air clubs are expanded gradually, taking in more and more space.
  • On the intensity of smoke is affected by the lighting. In bright sunlight the white veil is almost not visible. But in polusmerti it stands out well on black and gray background.
  • Smoke changes color depending on the time of day. It can be blue, bluish or white. If it illuminates a bright light, the color may change from red to green spectrum.

drawing pencil smoke

<span>How to draw the smoke to it was identical to natural? To do this is to observe the smoke. Observation – this is the main feature of the artist. First you need to understand that it makes no sense to paint the shell and then integrate into a scattered line. It will not add to the figure, no beauty, no realism. How to draw smoke with a pencil? Start drawing to small puffs of steam emanating from the source. If the source of smoke is large, consequently the steam will be a lot, but they are pretty thin. Then you need on top of the existing small streams to begin to draw small cloud. They should overlap each other and intermingle. Each new layer needs to be larger than the previous size, but its intensity should gradually subside. This can be achieved by reducing the press on the pencil or shading the last layers. To add realism to your drawing, you need to reduce the boundaries of the smoke. With strokes it is difficult to do so beginning artists to use sharpened eraser or washing-clacky.</span>[br]

Cigarette smoke: draw

<span>How to draw a cigarette with smoke? Ask this question a lot of beginning artists. It's easy, if you know some of the features. At the base of the cigarette, the pressure of the pencil must always be intense, so to draw you need to choose a soft pencil. From cigarettes leaves a maximum of 5-6 of smoke. Do not overdo it and draw more, otherwise, it's unrealistic. Special attention should be paid to the situation of the cigarette. Smoke always goes up. Even drawing calm weather, you need to take this into account. Never smoke would not go down clearly or horizontally.</span>[br]

drawing smoke in color

Painting is complicated by the fact that the smoke seems to be colourless, but has many different shades. How to draw smoke colors? Need to know the basic principles. From its source the smoke is rich and thick, that is, for an image you need to use dark gray shades. But a couple of clubs, that are high from the source, should not be just white. It all depends on the lighting. If it is warm, then the figure will be present ocher. If the light is cold, you should use the blue and blue paint.

Cloud of smoke needs to look total weight, so you don't need every single part to share a clear boundary. It is desirable that the boundaries are smooth, light colors flowed in the dark. And of course, you should know that to draw the smoke in the least to well-dried paper. Otherwise, white clouds can spread and merge with the background. And such a shapeless mass, then it will be difficult to give any kind of border.

the Smoke from natural phenomena in the picture

<span>How to draw a smoke from a volcano or from a fire? You need to understand that smoke emanating from a large source, will always have a big wingspan. Therefore, choosing the size of the canvas, it must be considered. Very ugly looks cropped part of the smoke. Start drawing a smokescreen need a General outline. This is done in order then the picture did not come out for limited his.</span>[br]

Draw the white clubs need from the base and gradually rise up. The smoke in the clubs, so it will fly horizontally and vertically. Regardless of the style of the drawing and the smoke was recognizable, his clouds have to overlap each other. The background of the picture is always more saturated in tone, but not color. In contrast, small clouds of smoke big smoke always clear. Do not be afraid to emphasize bright colors. If the drawing done in pencil, then you need to darken the adjoining all-white clubs in the sky the sky.