The newest art. New technologies in art. Contemporary art

Today behind the modern man with a huge baggage of culture and art. Each era has different new trends, its unique trends and differences. Art, following fashion, change their limits and regulations, sometimes dramatically. On the modern exhibitions, we can contemplate different installations, is not always clear to the human mind. To be aware of the latest news and understand the meaning of modern art, little need to delve into the history.

a new History of modern art

Contemporary art or postmodern – novel direction, characterized by the presence of fresh, radical ideas and realize the most unusual way. During the long history of humanity the tide changed each other in all spheres of life. Once the ideas were really new, but the closer to the art of the 21st century, the harder it is to find something that hasn't happened. So, in many areas of our life, the principle of “everything is new-is well forgotten old”. Figures fashion, undeterred, taking new ideas from the old grandmother's chest. But the art itself is so multifaceted that manages to survive and to be different even now.

art Nouveau - modern art?

the Term “contemporary art” was introduced by Rosalind Krauss, American analyst and critic. It originated back in the 1960-70-ies. Sometimes it is opposed to modernism, sometimes attributed to him.
over time, postmodernism still have found their identity, denying the machinery of modernity. The art of the 21st century since that time, changed dramatically, merging with minimalism and expressing the ideas of the feminists of that time in the 80's again finding the brightness of colors and the pretentiousness of the image.
Gradually, the art was transformed into art-process, where the important was not so much the object as the process of its creation. Not all of the current artists approve of these changes. Many object to, seeing it as an art process, the signs of degradation of art. Such authors are trying to return to the old principles of modernism.

New technologies in art

Undoubtedly, technology could not avoid the art side. Earlier, the artist had only a brush and paint, your own imagination and love for creativity. Today the creators of the video and audio, cameras, amazing quality and limitless digital image technologies. Before the sculptor took years to create his masterpiece. Today, with 3D printer and the ability to project the sketch on the computer, it will take a few days. Instead of black-and-white films, we see a vivid, impressive animation and graphics that makes you believe the picture.

Currents of modern art

modern art in our time, beyond the canvases and easels. American photographer and master tattoo Brian tattoo Cumings calls a new skill, creating human bodies art masterpieces. Recently, the creation of masterpieces of cakes is gaining momentum. It is also considered to be art. In different decades, flow has varied, but it is possible to identify some of the most bright,
  • graffiti;
  • body art;
  • video art;
  • video game art.

Financial issues

on the one hand, work is leisure, with other professional activities. Today, the artists are divided into two camps. One put at the forefront of meaning, others actively sell their work.
Culmination of modern art is a release not only from the framework of academic art, but from museums. Street art or street art expresses this idea. Balancing on the line between vandalism and art, street artists have for decades to defend their right to freely create. Here is a speech and about the various drawings on the walls and on the pavement, about musicians and about pantomime, about the sculptures on the street, flash mobs.
company takes such artists. Often hosts various street festivals, where free spirited artists show their skills. Their main goal is to please the viewer, to explain in accessible language their thoughts. This is partly a social phenomenon, because each of them wants to speak, to convey their protest. Financial gain, this style does not have to sell nothing here, and no reason. The main thing-the expression.
But such current flow, as drawing their parts of the body, brings substantial income. Here the imagination of the masters starts from drawing on the canvas with her hands and fingers and ends spicy parts of the body. You can use the nose or cheeks, but if you want to earn, start with at least the buttocks. Good, safe dyes on the market enough.

How to create modern art?

Maybe someone remembers the film “what men talk About?” when the characters were in the Museum of modern art, one of them said an interesting phrase: “This toilet is not working or is it a work of art called “toilet”?”
a Completely unexpected approach that's key art of the 21st century. In our days in art galleries you can see sculptures of LEDs and LEGO, installations with tiny people. Also new phenomena in art is ordinary objects in an unusual form, for example, sculptures from books or umbrellas. Crucial color, the creation of the master should be bright, impressive imagination.
you do Not need to follow academic rules, to comply with some rules. The more outrageous, the better. The audience should not immediately understand the meaning of the installation, the spectacle should not be a simple surface. Not enough to create a beautiful landscape, you need to invest tearing the minds of the idea and maximize it.

the Museum of modern art

Museums today is not just an opportunity to show his creation to the author. The art Studio is second home for modern artists, the opportunity to live in the art process. The concept of “Museum”, beyond the room, as the art is born not only on canvas, but on the street, on the human body.
concept of “fair” takes the formality and social norms. There was such a thing as “artist-run space” - the space of the artist. This is both an exhibition and a place for his work. He stands at the head master and not the supervisor, or the city administration. There is no pressure from above, the artist invites like-minded people, and they communicate and create “off”.
on the other hand, modern art has become a tool of financial and political for the state. Bright beautiful museums to attract the attention of tourists and contribute to the development of one or another of the municipal center. For example, in Perm city authorities have given the artists the building for the Museum of modern art. Many museums in Russia are municipalities, as the authorities understands that today art is a way to make money.

How to learn to understand modern art?

It is both very simple and difficult. If you approach contemporary art with the same point of view as to the classics, you will definitely be wasting your time. No need to try to discern the methods of the artist, to make some kind of logical thought. Not necessary to know in advance what I wanted to convey the Creator, other people's reviews will knock you off your thoughts.
Try to look at the big picture a fresh, open look. Think what you have there are associations that you it reminds. What impression is made. Your special glance at the picture will be true, each viewer it will be his own, everyone will find in modern art is something understandable only to him.
do Not rush to criticize, accusing the author's inability to draw. Remember Picasso and Salvador Dali, the works of these geniuses are complicated and confusing, but full of deep meaning.