How to draw a hat: a guide for the young artist

For all those who decided to depict a beautiful winter picture, it is useful to learn how to draw a cap, because without this attribute it is impossible to imagine this rather cold time of the year. In order to do this, it is not necessary to be a great and unique Creator, the only thing you may need for work, is a sheet of paper, a pencil and guide for the young artist below.

Start painting

to draw the hat with a pencil in stages like a true professional, you must start with the following:
  • to Decide this type of hat self-image, or hat to be drawn worn by someone.
  • to Sharpen a pencil and get a compass. Perhaps this drawing tool will help are unsure of their abilities budding artists to decide on the first step.

Simple pattern

If you decide to paint the cap as a separate item, then there will come to the rescue deferred in advance of the compass. So:
  • Start with a design of a circle that can be placed even in the middle of the album leaf. This geometric figure to draw either freehand or use a compass, by the way, the latter method is only for those who are not confident in their abilities.
  • the Next step in creating the winter headgear will be holding lines from the side faces of the circle, resembling a parabola, or a dome.
  • to draw a cap, like a real, you need to add one very small but important element pompom. It will draw on top of the dome in small circles.
  • the Last step would be a line that would later become the lapel of the hat. To do this in the first drawn circle we'll draw a line on top so that it was parallel to the top face of a geometric figure and ended at the sides.

Draw a hat on a character

how to draw a cap, for example, on the snowman? Indeed, without this beloved Christmas character it is impossible to imagine winter. This is absolutely challenging. On the snowman's head just need to choose a place where will end lapel hat, and hold the line. Then we should hold another parallel strip, rounded on the edges so that these edges are connected with line drawn originally. When the lapel is ready, is to paint on an original dome and place it a little pompom round shape. All, now the hat is ready.