How to draw Jasmine quickly, simply and beautifully

Not every flower is drawn with pencil and inks quickly and easily. Many of them have their own tricks. Nevertheless, any of them initially, it is necessary to consider carefully. If possible, it is necessary to count the number of petals and see how to look like stamens in the middle.

Reporting Jasmine

How to paint Jasmine without examining it carefully? Impossible. So first, take a real Jasmine flower with leaves and count the number of petals. There are only four. This greatly simplifies our task. How to draw Jasmine? Put the flower on the paper, pull it in. Let's see how spectacular it all looks, and then proceed with the preparatory stage:
  • On a sheet of paper, determine the center. It is a flower with a couple leaves. You should then draw a circle with compasses and spend a vertical line.

  • the Second step will be drawing the petals. Try, that they only vaguely had the shape of a rhombus, so the result is more realistic.
  • First, draw the first two. They come from almost the center. In the picture they are marked in blue. Their edges are slightly wavy. So more naturally.

Keep drawing

Now we have two good petal. How to draw Jasmine next? Red line two petals, as seen in the picture out from below. They also have a slightly irregular shape.
flower already happened. How to draw Jasmine with a pencil, so it was similar to the present? What is he still lacking? Well, of course, leaves. In red are shown as diagonally to arrange two of the long sheet. Our flower is almost ready. Remains only the pleasant part.

the End pattern

Need to take the eraser and erase them from the circle and straight line that it intersects. And in the center paint with the pencil of stamens. The leaves and petals need to apply streaks. They enliven the picture.

Here we are almost to the end and forgot to draw a Jasmine flower step by step.
it Remains only very slightly- to put on the petals of white gouache, so we chose a dark background, and green paint to cover the leaves, not forgetting that the veins are of a lighter color. This should be done carefully. Gouache rests firmly and to correct the error will be difficult. So take your time with the painting, letting dry thoroughly each petal and leaf. Circle the petals with a thin brush paint light brown color, and where they fall on the leaves – dark green.
Yellow stamens can be drawn after drawing a line, and at the end to make your point.
so, the drawing is ready. It will be nice to show to friends and parents.