Original genre: concept, types. The artists of the original genre. Fire show

it is Difficult to say when the first artists that entertained the audience and received for it the food first, and later — money. They laid the basis of all performing arts, including theatre, ballet, Opera, etc. However, some of the ancient concepts have survived virtually intact. This refers to the original genre, which tells this article.

What is it?

As already mentioned, original genre — this is the most ancient form of performing arts. He suggests a public, theatrical performance with the use of props, story and interactivity. Artists who perform original genre seeking to elicit from the audience a surprise, laughter, fear, joy and delight from the seen. They act both on stage and in the circus. In addition, they are often invited to various corporate events and also weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. Can not do without them and mass holidays, during which the arena for ideas be streets, squares and urban parks and gardens. In recent years, even novice, but talented representatives of the original genre had the opportunity to show their art to millions of viewers. This opportunity gives them the TV show “Moment”.

Who are the artists of the original genre

Those who there are usually show any super human. That is why the artists of the original genre primarily include acrobats, jugglers and trapeze artists. In addition, it ranked the art of magicians and mimics, as well as clowns and animal trainers, creating rooms that impress the viewer with their uniqueness or complexity.
There are many dynasties of artists of the original genre, as their children have the opportunity since childhood to learn the secrets of art of parents, and in adolescence they are quite ready to act at the circus or on the stage alone.

Fire show

Fire ideas that are particularly compelling at night, entertained the audience in Ancient Babylon and Egypt. Even in the middle ages, when the Church actively fought with street performers, what we today call the fire show, it was a mandatory part of the pre-Easter carnivals.
Modern “firemen" satisfied with the magnificent views that compete with any fireworks. Often they involve several people, including beauties of assistants. There are even teams who play in theatrical performances with the original script, where dances and other manipulations with fire are part of the plot.


Such numbers of an original genre especially love toddlers and primary school children. It is not surprising that artists performing together with furry, tailed, and feathered Pets often invited to children's birthdays and other holidays. Besides, without numbers with trained animals, none of the circus program. However, if the corporate parties and holidays usually are the artists, working with pigeons, dogs, cats, monkeys, the arena can be seen as predators, elephants and trick riding on horses.


If the taming of fire and the views are millennial history, the wizard is able to amaze with its ability to handle the glasses and shaker were considered artists of the original genre recently. Nevertheless, today you can see performances by bartenders who are real virtuosos. They are not just great juggling, but create delicious cocktails that are presented to the audience for tasting. Often in the show involve several bartenders. Then the idea turns into a kind of battle, the winner of which gets the applause of spectators.

Magicians and illusionists

Talking about the original show, not to mention about the artists who create miracles right in front of the astonished audience. In the old days they were considered wizards, but today, many come to a concert of illusionists with only one goal — to figure out how they manage to perform their tricks. Nevertheless, even those who are skeptical, often leave these shows in complete awe of what he saw, and admit that hats off to the talent of the magician.
Most stunning rooms of illusionists often based on the use of complex technical devices and is implemented using the “invisible” assistants. Such a show designed for adult audiences and can cause a feeling of fear.


Clowns and jesters entertained people since time immemorial. They lived at the courts of monarchs and could tell them the truth. Often, jesters were able to achieve a high position at court, and even become the confidant of his master.
Later clowns performing in the circus, began to make fun not only of the simple, everyday things and phenomena, but also the authorities and politicians.
Modern artists of the original genre, as a rule, do not affect the vital fact. However, there are masters who play entire performances with deep philosophical meaning, causing the audience laughter through tears.

Show bubble

Such ideas can be a decoration of any holiday. Artists of original genre, he has mastered the art to create fantastic soap bubbles, using for this purpose a special machine or a giant hand tools. Usually these shows have elements of interactivity, as viewers are invited to make a huge bubble by yourself or try to arrange a “fireworks”. In addition, during corporate events and similar occasions the audience is invited to make a memory beautiful photo with an unusual background.


This genre continues to remain popular in our country. Heroes of parodies, as a rule, be artists, voice and demeanor which is well known to viewers. Some of the artists performing in the genre of musical parody, which presupposes they have a great vocal, and also arrange performances of disguise, portraying several famous characters.

Now you know that is an original genre. It is constantly evolving, but one thing remains unchanged — the desire to cause the viewer a lot of positive emotions.