"5 nights with Freddy" how to draw a puppet?

About the game "5 nights with Freddy" is said a lot of words on the basis of which can be quite a natural conclusion: it can be either love, being a big fan, or fiercely hate, finding justification for their hostility fear and unwillingness to understand the current fashion trends in video games.

the Choice fell on puppet

fans of the a long time all the skills and know how to paint "5 nights with Freddy" - more precisely, its main characters. Of course, not everyone can appreciate the terrible, the horror genre in which the game was created, but let's not forget that Scott cawton (the Creator) thought about those who are alien to the horror and fear: he offers to take the mission to a peaceful path of development of the situation. Agree that not every developer can boast of such an achievement.
Fans know and love the main characters in horror: Freddy the bear, Chica the duck, Bonnie the Bunny and foxy the Fox, but in the second part there is another mysterious character, about which will be discussed in today's article. puppet figure-mystery and a real mystery. How to draw a "5 nights with Freddy" is the puppet, the appearance of which in the game are still arguing? Someone claims that she was in the first part, and some could consider it in the sequel.

"5 nights with Freddy": draw a character puppet

Well, proceed. To begin with, take a sheet of paper, settle down comfortably and be sure to grab a pencil and eraser, because we decided our hero from "5 nights with Freddy" draw with a pencil. Puppet will be in all its glory, that is in full growth. It will be much easier to do if you place a sheet of landscape vertically. All the proportions of her body fully conform to the human parameters, so the head will leave 1/6 of the resources available to the figure for the torso and legs - everything else, with the balance split approximately into equal segments.

Head will draw a oval shape, just as if we wanted to represent a person. Our copy of the hand facing upward, like a puppet showing some dance move. Immediately outline the length of fingers: they are a bit disproportionate in size, like a real hero of the game. Next, give the figure volume to draw out pre-planned lines of the future figure of the character "5 nights with Freddy". How to draw a face of mysterious puppets? The answer to this question let us examine the next block.

Draw the character's head and give vent to the imagination

face of the puppets is the most important aspect in drawing, which should be given close attention. To be absolutely simple, but to approach the question is very carefully. So, the first thing you need to start is the eyes. They do not need to do large; the goal that we pursue, to give the squint cunning and mystery.
But the mouth, on the contrary, draw big, and at its edges will perishes on the same small circle. It will be a kind of dimples formed on the cheeks from smiling. Socks on the feet of the puppet - striped and sleeves. Do not forget to draw the buttons, because they are an integral part of the character of the game "5 nights with Freddy". How to draw and paint in the future, the resulting masterpiece, only you can decide. But do not forget that a puppet is inherently dark and a little mystical creature.