How to draw FNAF? Today our hero - the Fox is foxy

the First question that arises in those who have no clue and cannot understand the value of strange and unusual words, is: "What are SDKS?" So, the acronym SDKS happened from the first letters of the names of popular computer games Five Nights at Freddy's. Second question, for those who understand what it's about: "How to draw FNAF, such as tricky and controversial character of the Fox is foxy?" In order to proceed directly to the stages of drawing should be a little bit to remember this hero from the popular game-horror stories.

foxy's not working?

first, foxy appears in the game "Five nights at Freddy's" not in the beginning, and often in the second episode. It's hid from human eyes, because it was broken. Housing animatronics torn, and this should be kept in mind because how to draw foxy FNAF without any damages or scratches it would be absolutely wrong. The second important by their weighting aspect: the Fox pirate, he is a one-hand hook. And finally, no less than the main difference of the character from other characters of the game is the presence in its jaws wolf teeth, mixed with the human. The lower jaw of foxy is broken and does not allow the jaws to close.

Start work

This guide is for beginning artists who are interested in how to draw FNAF in stages, for example, a Fox from the game. But despite the fact that steps is designed for Amateurs, the end result is a true masterpiece. Well, begin to create.
Initial stages of the drawing:
  • Planned on a sheet of paper the head foxy. To do this, draw an oval of the correct form. From the side, stepping back a bit from the city center, a short distance from the oval, draw the future ears of the character. In this case, they represent the triangles.
  • Second step will be the marking of the legs and torso foxy. For the legs leave a little more space on the landscape sheet, than for the body of animatronics.
  • When the markup is complete, proceed to more complex elements: the design of the head and the chest of Lisa. On pre-planned oval podruzamevaet both sides of something, shaped like inverted boxes. This wool is our hero. This task can handle even a child. The body formed in the shape of a rectangle elongated vertically and ending in the beginning of legs of a triangle, upside down.
to draw FNAF as a professional, we should not forget that animatronics robots. Continue:

  • Upper legs drawn as if with interlocking lintels. The bottom - similar to flippers.
  • On the eye foxy will certainly be a bandage, because he's a pirate. Do not forget to leave to the jaws of the Fox is enough space, because there will have to place a huge number of teeth.

Finalize the drawing

completion of the image foxy should bring to mind some important elements: the hook instead of one hand, scary huge teeth animatronics and fragments of the damaged hull of the character.

When everything is ready, from the album sheet you will have to watch Fox, Fox is a character with a specific character which is passed from the tip of the pencil of the artist. Now you know how to draw FNAF rather foxy from the game, and know how well to do it.