How to draw a Cougar: a guide for beginners

Everyone knows that cats are the personification of grace and elegance. All the lines of their bodies are so fluid and flexible that it seems as if God himself painted them the traits of being in good spirits. The ancient Egyptians worshipped these animals, giving cats a special mystical powers and certain qualities inherent in man. Today we will talk about one of the most charming representative of the cat family - the Cougar. Together we will investigate how to draw a Panther, giving the image a resemblance to the photo. So, let's start.

getting started

you'll need a sheet of paper, a sharpened pencil and eraser. So how are we going to figure out how to draw a Panther pencil, step by step, step by step, and this course is designed for beginner, it is to be still and patient. It is no secret that patience and hard work will do. For the novice painter most suitable option, when the animal in the picture will be in a state of rest. In our case, Bagira will sit with her head held high.

painting Stages

Place a piece of paper vertically, because how to draw a Panther, we decided to rest. Divide the sheet in three ovals, and the top two will be fairly large and uniform in size, and the lower one smaller than the other. Then perform a long tail line of the future and outline on the upper oval circle for the head of the animal.

to draw a Panther, you real should give her muzzle a little sloped, not forgetting the smoothness of all in contact with each other lines. Further planned place of ears, draw them clearly and do a little. Then attach the volume to the entire figure, using the above outline is planned in advance ovals. The last step is the small touches: viriovka eyes fringing the ears and very valuable to any cat of her whiskers.
Respecting all the stages of drawing, looking at the attached image, draw a Panther would be on the shoulder of a newbie.