How to draw the wind? Understand together, for example, landscape and portrait

In our life, almost everything revolves around the Association. Any event is remembered more distinctly and more colorful, if it is accompanied by some natural phenomena. Well, for example, imagine a wedding or a birthday party outdoors, all guests are in the collection, tables with many tasty treats, great Sunny summer weather. This is picture perfect.
But if you add a gust out of nowhere a hurricane or just a squally wind with heavy rain, such history will not be erased from memory ever: dressed guests soaked to the skin, damaged by the elements products and large drops of rain falling from the green trees to the sodden lawn. And finally, all - a rainbow, bright and beautiful.
All who had the opportunity to attend this event, will remember it constantly, when you get under the pouring rain, or see a beautiful rainbow. This phenomenon is called associative memory. And as an artist to portray nature, how to draw a wind or a hurricane? If you're really interested, then stay tuned and don't forget about the Association - it will be useful in the future.


Before work

As you know, drawing is a creative process that without inspiration and desire will bring pleasure and the planned result. So if you want to figure was on the level, in addition to the album sheet, eraser and pencil, stock up on a great mood and call in assistants Mrs. Muse.
When everything is prepared, you can begin. So how to draw the wind, because this natural phenomenon is intangible? How to portray in his painting what cannot be seen?
in order to answer this question, we need the associative memories. In windy weather there are some phenomena that would call easily even child: bent trees and shrubs, developing hung out to dry the washed linen from the ground up in the air. and foliage, the man let the wind blow my hair, raging waves of the sea or other bodies of water. Therefore, any picture you may have planned to depict, whether it is landscape or portrait, you can easily give spontaneity, in this case in the form of wind.

Draw the wind on a portrait

One option of how to draw the wind on his picture, his image in the portrait. It's pretty simple. To transmit element to the picture quite right to draw hair. If they are long, they should be portray like they do sway in the breeze, namely, chaotic. If your picture displays a man in full growth, in addition to hair use the correct drawing clothes and accessories. For example, flowing scarf or Cape. Due to such a course, anyone who would take the picture, you will understand that it wanted to depict the wind.

Start drawing: draw wind on the landscape

Consider the example of a landscape how to draw the wind, step by step, step by step. If your idea of an easy draught, it will be sufficient to slightly bend all the trees in one direction. To this we can add the foliage, which also will tend in the direction of the wind. If done correctly, the picture will change and the result will be the emergence of the feeling of the breeze, slightly paderewskiego trees. That is how the artists depict the intangible.
Another way, which is now let us consider: how to draw the wind on a winter landscape. This pattern is complicated by the fact that there is no foliage. Remember the old cartoon "the snow Queen"? So, there is the wind depicted in the form of funnels, twisting in a spiral. In this way we use.
finished figure will be sufficient to accommodate not more than two wind funnels located at a distance from each other. They should be small and something like whirlwind vortices. In some cases it is possible to do the same funnel, but it should be draw, covering the entire picture. Try and choose a favorite option.

How to draw rain the wind?

in order to depict a thunderstorm, you need to figure on which already there is the presence of wind, by tilted trees draw rain drops. It is necessary to lay the finishing touches on the bias line, not forgetting the wind direction and then give them a little shade. Some strokes should be bigger to give the drops a certain massiveness. This method is ideal for those who are interested how to draw a wind with a pencil.
don't be afraid to paint, try it out.