How to draw a treasure map: a few simple ways

not always necessary to buy the baby a new toy to attract his attention. Sometimes it pays to show a little imagination and a little bit of effort to come up with an interesting game that is able to interest the most finicky of guys. One of these undertakings may be searching for treasure on the treasure map. Such fun to take for a long time not just one adventurer, but also a very friendly family of hunters. How to draw a treasure map in several ways, and will be discussed in today's article.

Necessary accessories

in order to paint the most likely a treasure map, you will need to stock up on some of the important items is:
  • album sheet;
  • colored pencils or markers;
  • lighter or matches;
  • rope or thick string;
  • treasure.
all items should tell in order.

Lighter, rope and pencils

so album sheet – this is the next card. Its size depends on preferences, fantasies and desires draws. By the way, how to draw a treasure map and where to hide in the map, the treasure, too, will solve it. Colored pencils that can be replaced with pens, markers or paints (depending on what most like to use a child), will help to give the creature a unique color. Lighter or matches will be able to artificially age the album sheet: hardened spots some masterpiece of mystery. Well, the rope or thick thread will need to ensure that when the folding card is ready to roll you can tie it, to fasten. Of course, the most important thing – it is the treasures that are hidden. It can be any edible Goodies, candy or food treats specific child for which you are writing the card. Can use small toys or a set of labels. In principle, for this purpose, any suitable thing that came to hand. All these attributes will bring the masterpiece to almost ideal.

How to draw a treasure map with his own hands: a few simple ways

First method is for the parent.
For starters, you should determine the place where "hunters" will have to wait for the expected reward. It is quite suitable package of delicious cookies, fruit or any other treat. Find hidden kids not only rejoice, but will gladly eat. If the place is selected, you can proceed. So how to draw a treasure map for kids simply, with this task to handle even for those who haven't taken a pencil in hand.


How are we going to draw the map:
  • If the treats hidden in the apartment or house, you should start the route from the furthest point and how palanee lead children to success. The tougher the trail, the more interesting it is to look for the treasure.
  • Place on the map of significant objects in the apartment. If creativity is not to brag, its just to sign.
  • age up card, tan edge with a match or lighter. For greater plausibility it is possible to burn a hole in the center.
  • Take the resulting masterpiece into a roll, tie the rope and toss the child. The result will not keep itself waiting long. Children's sense of adventure involve in the game with lightning speed.
Second method involves joint work.
This option is suitable for the planned children's parties, for example, if the child will have a birthday party with invited guests. It is worth to do all the same as in the first method, only to unleash a child's imagination. Allow your child to design your unique route to the goal and to color the drawing in its sole discretion. Explain to your child that how to draw a treasure map, will depend on the success or failure of ladojskaya: rather than to specify the route and to identify important details, the easier it will be to move towards the goal.
Play and creativity are integral parts of children's development, and if they manage to combine, reinforcing the delicious food and gifts, it is a huge benefit for the younger generation.