How to draw jar step-by-step guide

Glass jar – versatile piece. It is used for storage of cereals and jams, as a vase, as a decorative object in the interior. Everyone once faced with them in my life. This article will detail how to draw a jar, and the Supplement.

what to pay attention?

Before you start drawing, it makes sense to carefully and thoroughly study the subject. When deciding how to draw the jar, the first thing to decide-what kind will be depicted. Glass jam jar and a tin of canned food in the form vary greatly. Common and unique features of jars:
  • All banks are balanced.
  • glass varieties is the neck.
  • Any jar you can open – with the help of bottle caps or can opener.
  • Cover the glass jar may be a different size compared to the diameter of the banks.


let us Consider in detail how to draw a jar with a pencil:
  • Planned overall proportions – the height, width. It is important to monitor the distance to the edge of the sheet. Sketch of banks should be commensurate with the size of the selected format. If the jar is too small, it will be lost on a large sheet and will look ridiculous. If the Bank almost touches the edge of the sheet, the impression that she was "closely". Therefore, you need to follow not only the size of the Bank itself, but also for its position in the figure.
  • Outlines the neck and cap.
  • the bottom of the jar – round, as at its base is a circle.
  • Drawn cover – it can be high relief.
  • parts have been Added – the emphasis on the shadows, a small hatch, which will emphasize the amount of jars and lids.

Thus, the question of how to draw a jar, can be considered solved.

picture banks made of tin

Tin – is a normal cylinder. Steps:
  • Planned proportion and size – width, height.
  • top and Bottom banks have the same diameter and are depicted as ellipses.
  • the Most interesting – to design and paint a label on the side. It is a distinctive feature of the cans. It can be drawing, lettering, or a combination. Once the sketch is ready, it can be colored pencils, markers or paints.

Complete and complement the picture

When the pencil sketch is ready, often there is a desire to finish the job. In the result want to see a beautiful, color picture, and not just a sketch. That is the question of how to draw a jar by a task to make this Bank a beautiful and aesthetically appealing. A list of specific options and recommendations:
  • Have the ability to present the Bank as a vase and fill it with beautiful colors.

  • Inside transparent jars can be drawn berries, cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables.
  • Also interesting to look stylish labels and stickers with funny inscriptions, for example “honey”, “jam”, “joy to the winter”, “happiness to tea” and others.
  • Cozy pattern for kitchen work, if you cover the lid with openwork napkin and add bow (a ribbon, bichescu, etc.).
so, the imagination of the artist is not limited, and can portray any Bank with any content.