How to draw a BLOB and turn it into a masterpiece?

In the good old days when letters were used goose feathers that have been dipped in ink, put the ink on paper was easy. Was worth a little gape, it is not to shake the pen or just sloppy to pull by hand, and sometimes spoiled. It was adorned with a huge BLOB, which says that the work will have to be rewritten. Now pen is used for writing is that passionate about the rarity of people in order to feel the atmosphere of the past.

pens vs pens

In Soviet times, fountain pens that had to make their own ink. The confusion with the blotches were fewer but were not eliminated until the end. Fountain pens, like their predecessors, continued to spoil writings, forcing to alter, rewrite and pull the damaged leaves. Now, when reigns pen, blot almost impossible to see. To happen this event can only in emergency situations, for example, if in conditions of hot weather will flow the web. The children began to forget what a blot, because a fountain pen – convenience and practicality.

blot in cartoons about school children-quitters

many of us beloved Soviet cartoon about a grief-the students there are episodes when the student puts a blot in his notebook. By doing your homework, which seems to him a difficult, awful character gets angry because of what happened, never fear. Today's kids, watching old cartoons, they wonder what the blot is and where it appears. It is hard for them to understand the whole mechanism and the history of the blots, because the pens they use, do not leak. Here, as always, the parents come, that will not only clearly explain, but to demonstrate to the child, for example, inks, gouache or watercolor, how to draw a blot. To learn new things more interesting by doing it together.

Collaborative creativity

Form of blobs resembles a blur of paint or ink. Rather just explain to the child about it in several ways that will need an album and paints for drawing, brush and pencil:
  • the First way – with brush and paint. Dip the brush in water, and then thickly smeared it with paint, you need to lift it over the landscape with a sheet and wait until the colored drop will fall onto the sheet. Under the force of his weight she will acquire a unique form. Blot paint easy, with this handle even a year-old child.
  • Second method-using a lead pencil. How to draw the blot with a pencil? Just, if one is not afraid to show a little creativity, which are inherent in each of us. To do this simply is to play on paper, irregular in shape and proportions circles or ovals. This should be done, including the work of the imagination, because each BLOB is unique. Inexperienced artists may seem like they are the same, but it is an absolute fallacy.
  • Third original way of drawing blobs will be like this: to start to decorate an album sheet, or any designed to work on canvas uniform paint. You should then dip a clean brush in plain water and flicking it, hold it over the pre-decorated sheet of paper. A drop of water will fall on the canvas and leaves a mark in a blurry place. This will be a blot. This method gives an answer to the question of how to draw the blot with clean water. Using it as a competition at events can be a long time to captivate kids, and this is known to be very valuable.

How to draw a BLOB and turn it into a masterpiece?

That's not all. The resulting blur of easy to turn into fun monsters or the wonderful jellyfish. After a clear explanation of how to draw a blot, you can start this exciting venture. This can easily be done by adding some original features: eyes, nose, mouth. You can draw a whole family of monsters or like to make all different. It is all about imagination and fantasy. To draw just when it's in a good mood and in good company. Such an interesting creative activities are also good to hold in the big children's companies, for example, on any occasion. Children with great pleasure to laugh at the original masterpieces to each other.
let your kids, the whole family is exciting and funny.